6 Worst Presentations Ever & Why They Suck [#5 Is CRAZY]

We’ve all had to sit through bad presentations, the boring ones that go on too long, the complicated, badly planned presentations, or horror, the presentations with photos of the presenter’s child or cat. 

While you may know the basic rules – keep text to a minimum, use contrasting colors, follow the 10-20-30 rule (10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 point text size), some people seem to have failed to get the memo.

The next 6 slides will make you laugh, or cry, or gasp. Enjoy!

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6 Killer Presentation Tips for Students [2020 UPDATED]

The time has come, you’ve got to stand up in front of your peers and your teachers, and present to them. You’ve been keeping up with the class all semester, and you feel as though you really know what you are talking about, you just need to create the presentation that demonstrates that knowledge to everyone else.

Don’t get nervous, don’t stand up there imagining your audience in their underwear in order to make them less scary. Do get prepared, and do create a presentation that rocks and fully deserves that A grade you are aiming for.

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The 4 Best Prezi [+PowerPoint] Alternatives in 2020

If you are tired of looking for great alternatives to Prezi – Look no further, because I have the ultimate comprehensive list of PowerPoint alternatives right here.  No more boring presentations. With this list you can pick the perfect presentation tool or software for your presentation (be it on stage in-front of an audience or online for sharing). Continue reading The 4 Best Prezi [+PowerPoint] Alternatives in 2020

Free PowerPoint Templates – Choose The Best For You [2020 Updated]

Looking for free or premium PowerPoint templates? I guess your presentations don’t look that hot… or perhaps you are just looking for a presentation template that is truly structured for the content you want to include. At emaze, we know all about presentation templates because we make them.   Continue reading Free PowerPoint Templates – Choose The Best For You [2020 Updated]

How To Present Data Effectively [Step-By-Step Guide]

Business presentations or presenting your empirical findings requires a unique type of presentation style. While many big companies also spend megabucks, time, and effort into the research and development, extremely crucial presentation is often left in dire need of more focus and attention. Continue reading How To Present Data Effectively [Step-By-Step Guide]

The Best FREE PPT Templates in 2020: Choose The Best For You

Emaze now showcases tons of free PowerPoint template choices, in fact even much more advanced than anything PowerPoint has ever developed. Plus, Emaze presentations are accessible online and easily downloadable. Continue reading The Best FREE PPT Templates in 2020: Choose The Best For You

How To Give An Effective Presentation in 2020 [Guaranteed To Work]

What makes an effective presentation? Is it the presenter’s vitally important communication skills, or the audience’s thirst for knowledge? In order to deliver your message in an effective manner Continue reading How To Give An Effective Presentation in 2020 [Guaranteed To Work]

The Best FREE PowerPoint Program in 2020

With remote teaching becoming an everyday reality for many during this COVID-19 pandemic, teachers are increasingly assigning presentations for major grades.  But a free PowerPoint program is a fairy tale, and buying the program on a student’s income is not very realistic, even when the economy is not in one of the worst depressions since, well, the great depression. So, what is a student supposed to do?

Easy – ditch the conglomerate that is known as Microsoft, for a free alternative.  Instead of insisting on looking for a free powerpoint download, how about broadening your horizon to other presentation possibilities – specifically ones that are not only free, but would also allow you to create beter, more visually interactive presentations?

Today’s student is tech and internet-savvy; you have probably already, or are currently, taking an online class, use technology in the classroom, and are looking for an easy answer to your presentation software problem. The easy answer is a web-based presentation app. Think beyond PowerPoint!

Several of these web-based apps are free, which is totally cool for students. The very best of them, like Emaze, let you create your own free presentation, using one of their many templates and designs, or create your own from scratch, right on the website. You can save it to the cloud while you’re working on it, and access it on any mobile device from anywhere, at any time, too. So, if you’re at the coffee shop with your tablet and a few extra minutes, all you have to do is login, and all of your work is automatically there. No PowerPoint for free? No problem. If you’re at the school’s computer lab, it works exactly the same. Riding in a long car ride with your phone? You got it; finish up your free PowerPoint creation easily. And when it comes time to present it in front of the class, you don’t have to download your work onto anything to move it; you just login to the site, and you’re ready to present. No PowerPoint for free? No problem. Nothing’s easier than the cloud; really. With an app like Emaze, you can handle any presentation your Prof throws at you.

Once you’ve tried the Emaze app, you’ll never go back to the clunky, ball and chain of Microsoft’s program. In fact, you’ll wonder why you’ve been wasting all that time wishing for a free power point download. Get started now—for free!