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Create beautiful content instantly

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Automaze – personalization that resonates and drives engagement. 

Sales Teams

Fit for any sales cycle

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Self-directed user journey

Personalized content creation at scale

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Lead scoring

Increase your

Personalized content creation at scale
Engagement and creations analytics
Lead scoring

Increase your

For all verticals

Emaze’s tools for sales can work wonders for boosting your sales and bringing remarkable improvements at every step of the journey, no matter which industry you’re part of. Engineered to expedite, invigorate, and enhance the sales process, our platform empowers you to surpass expectations. 

Accelerate your automotive sales potential with our unparalleled business solution. Automaze is built to accompany users throughout the funnel, from scheduling meetings and coordinating test drives with qualified leads, to pricing offers, digital payments, model comparison, and customer feedback opportunities. Use analytics to get an overview of the entire process, and then drill down into the parts that matter most.

Drive success in the automotive industry with our powerful and user-friendly solution! 

Simplify your day-to-day tasks while helping guide users through the customer funnel with efficiency and flair. Automaze helps throughout the process, from scheduling property meetings and sending timely reminders for viewings, to delivering sales summaries, rich media, comprehensive analytics, and more. After the deal closes, encourage customers to share their feedback through reviews and satisfaction surveys.

Embark on a new era of real estate sales with our innovative business solution.

From the initial interaction with a prospect until the deal has closed with your qualified leads, captivate at every stage of the sales funnel while reducing your workload. Anything is possible with Automaze – from setting up venue viewings, designing and disseminating adaptable forms, sharing interactive content showcasing the location’s unique attributes, and more. Everything is mobile-friendly, and you can generate reports and analytics in no time. 

Make the venue booking process a breeze for everyone involved.


Insights that drive sales

Re-Engage and Convert


The User Journey

From curiosity to conversion: Creating an interactive and memorable user exploration

Self-guided forms connected to your digital asset manager

Dynamic price offers, contracts, and digital signatures

Meeting reminders and calendar integrations

DAM – Digital Asset Manager

Use the Digital Asset Manager to prevent your branded materials from gathering dust

It’s time to bring them out of the shadows and into the spotlight! With our easy-to-use platform, you can integrate approved organizational information into live, dynamic creations. 

The ability to create amazing visuals using brand images and videos, pricing information, product lists, and more, is all at your fingertips.

Using the Digital Asset Manager (DAM), you can manage and update all of your branded materials in one place. 

Custom Branded Template Service

Our talented design team will work with you to preserve your brand and customize any of our digital products based on your requirements. Stand out with a custom template that’s as unique as your brand. 

Want to talk about your project’s look?

Your vision, our expertise

How It Works:

Get a glimpse of how Automaze can help your sales process


Using your blueprints and pre-approved assets, your sales agents generate personalized branded content at supersonic speed


With or without a CRM integration, easily share any content in numerous ways and move on to the next prospect


Get insights about users’ engagement and utilize our lead scoring features and custom reports

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Automaze is right for my sales team?

It can be difficult choosing the best tools for sales for your team, but it certainly is an important decision. Automaze is flexible and can be molded to suit the journey that works best for your team and in your industry. To put it plainly, if you’re looking to increase efficiency without sacrificing quality and are looking for multiple tools in one, then we’re confident Automaze can work for you. Still not sure? Talk to us. 

How can emaze’s tools for sales improve efficiency and reduce manual tasks?

In a nutshell, it simplifies operations by providing a preapproved suite of assets that work together. Pre-designed templates (crafted by your design team or ours), allow sales agents to automatically create professional materials in real time, instead of starting from scratch each time. With centralized asset manager, Legal and other stakeholders can review and update content in one place as needed, eliminating time-consuming back-and-forth communication between departments. We help sales teams optimize productivity by acting fast when the lead is warm also tracking open rates, gauging lead interest and more. Our tools also help managers identify areas for improvement by tracking data-driven metrics, such as response rates and conversion rates, even products in high demand to stock up inventory.

What makes Automaze good for lead qualification?

Unlike other solutions, Automaze doesn't just focus on a single stage of the process. Instead, it starts from the beginning and accompanies users every step throughout the sales process until the deal is done. User abandonment is a common problem, but our platform helps thwart it by providing a range of interactive features to keep users motivated and from abandoning the process prematurely. In order to maximize a high conversation rate, Automaze integrates between the user and sales sides, drastically reduces the likelihood of missing an opportunity or losing valuable information.