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Create beautiful content instantly


WOW your audience


Design stunning creations in minutes

Photo Albums

Immortalize your memories


Share your thoughts and stories with the world


Great for life’s special moments


Drive personal and professional growth

Digital Business Cards

Discover the future of networking


Start collecting valuable responses



Improve showroom attendance and boost car sales

Real Estate​

Simplify real estate sales

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Hotels and Event Venues

Make the venue booking process a breeze

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Sales Teams

Increase funnel conversions and deal closures​


Libraries & Academic Institutions

Boost library reach and simplify creation for users

Digital Learning

Create impactful educational content

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Knowledge Base

All the answers you need at your fingertips

Case Studies

Industry stories that inspire and educate


Explore Page

Discover a treasure trove of inspiration


Explore articles and valuable insights

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Simplifying Scrapbooking:

Digital Photo Albums With Automaze​

Productivity Tools


Discover the power of insights


Gather necessary information easily

Digital Asset Manager

Easily ensure brand consistency across all projects

Collaborative Solutions


Connect, create, and reach new heights together

Groups & Custom Dashboard​

Simplify content sharing

A Revolutionary Digital Asset Manager

Spend less time searching for brand assets and make more of an impact.

Watch the overall quality and productivity soar.

Give your team the tools they need to work smarter by providing them with easy access to a shared digital asset manager.

Our platform is designed to make it easy to organize, manage, use, and share your digital assets. 

Say Goodbye to Chaos; say Hello to Efficiency!

Using Automaze’s Digital Asset Manager means embracing the convenience of automatically updating assets in all relevant content pieces whenever a price, image, or something else changes. All without writing any code.  


Digital Asset Management Done Your Way

Your resources and assets are organized exactly how you need them to be – fully customizable to your company’s structure and needs. 

Tiered assets, organized by event type and auditorium name. Assets within “Sapphire Hall” consist of images, text, links, and videos.
Digital asset manager showing a catering image, used in templates like “Schedule Tasting” and additional templates

Organize Anything

The Infinitely Scalable Digital Asset Manager

Organize your images, text, and other digital resources into separate silos which can operate independently, but also easily collaborate across different product lines or brands. 

With our solution, you retain full control—we’re simply here to assist and support.

Effortless updates. Powerful impact.

Set up your templates once, and enjoy the convenience of knowing that your assets will always be in sync.

Whether you make one update or a hundred, your templates will reflect your latest asset changes, ensuring consistent and up-to-date branding across all your projects.

Designing a template, using a image with brand colors as a background image


Images, videos, links, addresses, free text and more – our AI is your creative partner, turning your ideas into dynamic visual experience

View of editor and the ability to add inputs including time and date. Inputs are then placed in the best possible location by our AI.


Personalize every interaction with ease. Simply add names, dates, times, and other inputs, and let our AI do the rest. 

Personalized event reservation complete with the hall name, address, date, time, and venue amenities

Finished product

Personalize every interaction with ease. Simply add names, dates, times, and other inputs, and let our AI do the rest. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital assets?

Digital assets include a range of elements that play an integral part in your business’s online presence and brand identity. Think of digital assets as the building blocks of your virtual footprint, including the products or services your business offers and the essential information about your employees. These assets act as your business’s distinctive signature, and will create a lasting impression on your clients and customers. Automaze allows you to utilize valuable digital assets to create compelling content, powered by an efficient DAM.

Can a digital asset manager (DAM) help us maintain brand consistency and compliance?
  • Absolutely, a DAM plays a critical role in maintaining brand uniformity and compliance with organizational guidelines. It acts as a centralized hub where all brand-related assets, such as logos, images, and videos, are stored, which ensures easy access for your team. Overall,  a DAM simplifies managing brand assets and safeguards your brand identity by keeping everyone in line with legal requirements and preventing unwanted changes.

For educators, it’s a magic wand that turns complex topics into engaging, interactive experiences for students. Libraries can transform their resources into dynamic and accessible digital content.

And for those who are seeking personal creativity, Automaze is your digital playground, giving you the ability to craft your visions effortlessly. 

Is it possible to integrate our existing software or tools with the emaze Automaze DAM system?

Of course! Our Digital Asset Management system offers seamless integration capabilities with existing software and tools. By integrating your software or tools with Automaze, you will be able to improve efficiency and maximize the value of your existing resources, softwares and tools. The robust functionality of our DAM system, supporting your team to work more effectively and achieve outstanding results.