Success Story

Champion Motors

Industry: Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

Company Size: 501-1K employees

Location: Israel

Using Automaze for automotive sales teams to engage, improve showroom traffic, and convert leads

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The Objective

Improving Showroom Traffic

Champion Motors faced a challenge common in the automotive industry: Increasing foot traffic in their showrooms. The automotive industry conversion rate from scheduled meetings to actual showroom appearances is low, but as an industry leader in Israel, Champion Motors refused to accept this standard and recognized the need for a more personalized approach to engage prospects. Champion Motors sought a solution to generate tailored content that would resonate with their target audience and drive higher attendance which would convert more sales.

The Solution

Implementing emaze for Personalized Content Creation

To reach their new showroom traffic goals, Champion Motors integrated Automaze into their sales process. Automaze is a cutting-edge tool designed to create personalized content for prospects, specifically tailored to the automotive sales cycle. By using Automaze’s “Schedule a Test Drive” touchpoint with custom features like “Add to Calendar” buttons and navigation links to showrooms, Champion Motors increased their customer engagement. This approach also allowed them to gain insights into their prospects’ interests and preferences,  and generate branded, customized content that resonated with each prospect.

A few key features that Champion Motors found particularly valuable was the ability to embed compelling calls to action within their content, such as reminders, invites, and navigation buttons to their locations, further promoting prospect engagement and increasing the likelihood of showroom visits. This shift significantly improved open rates and engagement, ultimately leading to higher showroom attendance.

Powered by emaze
Powered by emaze

The Results

Boosting Showroom Attendance and Lead Conversion

The implementation of Automaze produced impressive results for Champion Motors. By creating personalized content, Champion Motors experienced a substantial increase in showroom attendance. Adding call-to-action tools like reminders, invites, and navigation buttons drove higher attendance rates at showroom events and appointments.

On top of that, Automaze’s lead scoring tool helped Champion Motors accurately track how prospects interacted with their content and pinpoint the ones most likely to convert. This data-driven approach allowed Champion Motors to identify high-potential leads, and make their follow-up efforts more effective. With deeper insights into prospect behavior and preferences, Champion Motors experienced a significant improvement in lead conversion rates, with more prospects making the transition from scheduling meetings to visiting the showroom.

By using retargeting strategies based on lead scoring data, Champion Motors minimized the risk of no-shows at the showroom. The combination of personalized content creation, precise lead scoring, and advanced retargeting strategies resulted in a more efficient and effective sales process, with Champion Motors achieving higher conversion rates and maximizing their return on investment.

In conclusion, the strategic use of Automaze strengthened Champion Motors. It helped them dramatically increase showroom traffic challenges and achieve remarkable results through innovative, data-driven marketing strategies.

Meital Bar Shai

Marketing Manager at Champion Motors

Emaze’s solution has significantly improved our performance, boosting customer engagement and conversions!

The user-friendly platform and exceptional customer service have been instrumental in our success.

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