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WOW your audience


Design stunning creations in minutes

Photo Albums

Immortalize your memories


Share your thoughts and stories with the world


Great for any of life's moments


Drive personal and professional growth

Digital Business Cards

Discover the future of networking


Start collecting valuable responses


Create beautiful content instantly

Sales Teams

Increase funnel conversions and deal closures​

Libraries & Academic Institutions

Boost library reach and simplify creation for users


Transform Educational Experiences ​​

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Explore articles and valuable insights

Discover a treasure trove of inspiration

All the answers you need at your fingertips


Discover the power of insights


Get the information you need


Connect, create, and reach new heights together

Groups & Custom Dashboard​

Simplify content sharing

Digital Asset Manager

Easily ensure brand consistency across all projects


Your next-gen ally that creates personalized content in seconds, powered by AI.

No design or tech skills are needed!

With Automaze, it’s all about simplicity and excitement.

Automaze was built to make your life easier.

Don’t have time to create?

We get it.

Using too many platforms?

Been there.

Struggling to find digital assets?

Done that.

Don’t have a lot of design experience?

No worries.

Go from zero to hero

See stunning results without breaking a sweat

Expert Designs

Stunning templates for everyone

Choose from a large selection of carefully crafted templates and find one that mirrors your style and brand perfectly.

Media Uploads

Perfectly placed uploads

Transfer your media files right from your computer into the heart of your designs. Automaze intuitively positions them for maximum impact, each and every time.

Versatile Inputs

Your inputs in action

Simply plug in text, media, and links, and watch as our advanced AI infuses your information into your designs.


Intelligent digital asset manager and organizer

Keep all of your institution’s assets up-to-date and neatly arranged within Automaze, from product details and services to employee data. Easily Autobrand any template with your assets, making personalization easier than ever.

The Future of Digital Creation

Mobile-Creation with Automaze

Magical Results

AI wizardry for extraordinary results

Solid Color
Pastel Palette
Colorful Overlay

Smart Search

Effortless media integration

Our Smart Search connects you to a whole world of information from various sources

Create beautiful personalized content in seconds

With our AI powered tool, the process is as easy as picking a template and choosing your media. Once you click “Create Now,” sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen. 

Insert a few key details into our collection of templates and witness the crafting of your dream business card.

Remember: it’s not just a card, it’s the first impression of your professional persona.

Coming Soon

Whether you’re working on a pitch deck or a class project, impress your audience with presentations designed to perfection. Upload media from your computer or explore the Smart Search to find the perfect elements for your creation.

Coming Soon

With Automaze, creating an impactful online presence is as effortless as it is rewarding, regardless of your technical expertise. 

Ensure your success across every solution

Automaze for Business

Time-saving brand management & repository

Your one-stop shop for branded content creation. Quickly establish a brand kit, manage your team (even if you work solo), get project analytics, and focus on creating great content without constantly worrying about finding the right assets.

Automaze for Libraries and Academia

Your resources, your story

Experience emaze for libraries and academic institutions and bring your forgotten treasures to light. With a quick setup and easy integration, give users the right tools to incorporate verified sources into their projects at lightning speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How user-friendly is Automaze? Do I need technical experience to use it?

We've crafted Automaze so intuitively, it's like second nature. Whether you're an artist or an accountant, a teacher or a technophobe, Automaze the simplest solution for the creation of beautiful content. With Automaze handling the fine print of design and tech, you can focus on what’s really important - delivering impactful content, igniting ideas, and stirring emotions.

Who can benefit from using Automaze?

Simply put, anyone and everyone with an idea to express and a story to tell. Whether you’re a business professional navigating through sales, marketing, or HR, Automaze will help you create lasting connections with your clients and customers.

For educators, it’s a magic wand that turns complex topics into engaging, interactive experiences for students. Libraries can transform their resources into dynamic and accessible digital content.

And for those who are seeking personal creativity, Automaze is your digital playground, giving you the ability to craft your visions effortlessly. 

Can I really use Automaze anytime, anywhere?

Automaze is not just a tool, but a companion to your creativity, and who knows when inspiration will strike! That’s why we created Automaze with mobile-friendly creation in mind. Essentially, it does not matter where you are in the world, just that if you have wifi or data, you can use Automaze.