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WOW your audience


Design stunning creations in minutes

Photo Albums

Immortalize your memories


Share your thoughts and stories with the world


Great for any of life's moments


Drive personal and professional growth

Digital Business Cards

Discover the future of networking


Start collecting valuable responses


Create beautiful content instantly

Sales Teams

Increase funnel conversions and deal closures​

Libraries & Academic Institutions

Boost library reach and simplify creation for users


Transform Educational Experiences ​​

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Explore articles and valuable insights

Discover a treasure trove of inspiration

All the answers you need at your fingertips


Discover the power of insights


Get the information you need


Connect, create, and reach new heights together

Groups & Custom Dashboard​

Simplify content sharing

Digital Asset Manager

Easily ensure brand consistency across all projects

Lightning Fast Form Builder

Use a form template or DIY it to create flawless forms in a flash

Multiple field types - make it your own!

A good form design is essential for collecting valuable data from your audience.

Create the perfect form for any purpose with a variety of field types, including:

Radio button




Text input



Stay In The Loop

Never miss out on important feedback ever again


Easy to use - no technical knowledge required


Place your forms wherever you please + link to them with ease

Insert them in presentations, websites, blogs, photo albums, and even eCards!

Link directly to your forms via email or within documents​​

You can save and reuse the forms you create with our form builder in any emaze creation​​

How it Works:

Create customized forms in record time with our editor!

Pick any content type and select “forms” from the widgets menu

Choose the best form template for your needs - or create your own!

Customize your form’s fields and appearance

Finalize it, share your form, and start collecting responses!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use emaze as a form builder?

We offer a great analytics tool and notification features to ensure you never miss an important submission. Plus, with our editor’s amazing customizable form templates, you can create forms that match your brand and messaging. Overall, emaze provides a simple and effective solution for anyone looking to create professional online forms. Just signup and start creating your own forms in minutes!

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How much does it cost to create a form?

Great news! Creating a simple form on emaze is completely free.

What types of forms can I create on emaze?

On our platform, you can create all sorts of forms depending on your needs! Some forms that you can make are Contact Us forms, Registration forms, RSVP forms, and more. All forms are customizable and you can always create your own from scratch.

Is there a limit to the number of form submissions I can receive?

The more the merrier. We don’t limit how many responses your forms can get! 

How to create a form?

If you have an emaze account, it’s super simple to create a form! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer, our form design options make it easy to create forms that look great and function perfectly. Start by either creating your own template or choosing from one of ours! You can personalize your form by selecting your favorite fonts, colors, and layout.