Personalized content creation for better

Boost performance across sales, marketing, and customer success with targeted, personalized digital content.

Automaze Solutions

Improve your conversions at any customer cycle

Automaze interface for “Schedule a Meeting” landing page, featuring a personal greeting with the date, time, and showroom location.


Comprehensive Sales Solution

Automatically create beautiful visuals with touchpoints customized for each customer. Convert better with engaging content like initial lead forms, meeting bookings, test drive scheduling, and invitations to pick up cars. 

Personalized whatsapp message with an attached birthday coupon.


Personalized Marketing Solution

Personalization is a lot more than changing customer names!
Control what car, model, and colors your customer views on your marketing materials and get engagement that you never thought was possible. Extend this customized approach to celebrate special occasions through personalized content that connects and converts.

Desktop and mobile view of a satisfaction survey after purchasing a car.

Customer Success

Strategic Customer Success Solution

Keep customer satisfaction up long after the sale to ensure your customers think of you when it’s time for their next car. Offer personalized content, from scheduling general services to sending car collection surveys and gathering feedback.

What is Automaze?

Lead Info

Your customer information.*


Digital asset manager

Images, videos, links, addresses, and everything about your car models.

Visual Content

Highly engaging personalized content for every user that drives conversion.

*While integration isn’t a requirement, you can effortlessly connect your CRM and ERP systems.

Automaze in action

Witness Automaze first-hand. See how easy it is to use our intuitive platform.

Choose a template and go live in 5 minutes

 Explore our extensive collection of templates for marketing, sales, and customer success.

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DAM (Digital Asset Manager)

Store and control assets in one brand-aligned management system

A cloud-based central hub where you can store all of your information about car models from images and videos to text—all vetted by marketing and legal. Gain unmatched control, organizing your assets with the flexibility to update in real-time.

View of emaze’s digital asset manager, featuring assets for model “Ecoluxe X7” and the ability to add additional assets (links, text, images).

Hit your mark with precision targeting

Get a complete picture of customer engagement, from first open rates to clicks. Beyond basic metrics, Automaze offers a closer look at how leads interact with your content, providing lead scoring and insights into deal-closing probabilities to help sharpen your sales strategy.

Analytics for a test drive landing page including the click rate, open rate, bounce rate, and unique opens.

Why Choose Automaze?

Why Choose Automaze?

Respond to leads in seconds with exactly the personalized content they’re looking for.

No two customer journeys are the same. Create customizable, adaptable touchpoints for every sales pipeline.

Always keep assets up-to-date and fully approved by all departments.

Go beyond just names. Send out content and designs that are perfectly aligned with each customer’s stage in the pipeline.


Make informed decisions with real-time data and keep your strategy as dynamic as the market.


We’re not limited to just CRMs to ERPs—whatever you use to close deals and track pipelines, we integrate with.

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Meital Bar Shai

Marketing Manager at Champion Motors

Emaze’s solution has significantly improved our performance, boosting customer engagement and conversions!

The user-friendly platform and exceptional customer service have been instrumental in our success.

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