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WOW your audience


Design stunning creations in minutes

Photo Albums

Immortalize your memories


Share your thoughts and stories with the world


Great for any of life's moments


Drive personal and professional growth

Digital Business Cards

Discover the future of networking


Start collecting valuable responses


Create beautiful content instantly

Sales Teams

Increase funnel conversions and deal closures​

Libraries & Academic Institutions

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Discover a treasure trove of inspiration

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Discover the power of insights


Get the information you need


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Digital Asset Manager

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Shining Light on Library Resources

Using emaze for libraries and academic institutions is an innovative way to bring library resources to life. Get a linkback to your collections – don’t let others get all the credit while sources sit unused in your archives.

We’re bridging the gap between library resources and content creation platforms, enabling libraries to get more digital visitors, while providing users a convenient way to create. 

Great for

Digital storytelling is an art.

Emaze is your canvas. ​​

Only a few brushstrokes are needed to create something incredible

We’ve integrated with the

 Library Discovery Service Primo.

Want a custom integration just for you?

Picture this

You need to create a presentation or other type of content but you're running out of time. Searching for images and resources is a hassle involving multiple tabs, endless clicks, and more.

Now imagine

A way to streamline your creative process, save time, and eliminate the frustrating back-and-forth.

Enter Automaze.

Viral Impact

Showcase traditional content as digital delights

SEO Champion

Drive growth potential with SEO

Usage Statistics

Get insights for better decision-making

Custom Branded Template Service

Our skilled design team will work with you to preserve your brand and customize any of our digital products to meet your specific needs. Make your online library resources stand out with a custom template that speaks directly to your target audience.

Want to talk about your project’s look?

Your vision, our expertise

Beneficial for all

Creating content that is relevant for all

Convenient for users & great for you: Users stay engaged with your content since they can explore your institution’s collections from within our platform

Time Saver

Boost productivity without sacrificing convenience

With a few clicks, the chosen images and resources can directly be brought into any project, saving you even more time and effort

Bottom Line:

Boost SEO, reach, and engagement. Save time. Track content performance and usage statistics.

Quickly create dynamic presentations, blogs, photo albums, training, and more with our plug-and-play tool. 

Together we can make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to find and use factual sources. 

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