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The Best FREE PPT Templates in 2020: Choose The Best For You

Table of Contents

Emaze now showcases tons of free PowerPoint template choices, in fact even much more advanced than anything PowerPoint has ever developed. Plus, Emaze presentations are accessible online and easily downloadable.

Template Variety

Emaze has always had a wide selection of layout and free PowerPoint template choices available to clients as a free download, but we have recently expanded our selection to include 2D and 3D templates, video templates, templates that feature pan and zoom capabilities, and vivid HD colors. These aren’t run-of-the-mill free PPT templates. Our free presentation templates offer so much more than the boring, worn out, rerun templates PowerPoint offers, it’s hard to see why anyone stays with Microsoft PowerPoint anymore. It’s definitely not for their free PowerPoint template choices—they don’t have any. PowerPoint remains one of the most expensive software programs on the market today. Read here more about PowerPoint Themes.

Convenience and Flexibility

Besides having the cool extra capabilities over PowerPoint, Emaze allows users to create, save, access, and present their work to others a variety of ways all online, but also to download their presentations for hard disk use. This versatility allows collaboration in real time, with the flexibility and security of having a hard copy. There’s no software to download because Emaze is accessed entirely online; there’s no membership to pay for, because we offer free accounts. Users who want to have their work on hard disk won’t have any problems, after upgrading the free account for very small fee—we allow free download of presentations to any number of devices. This flexibility is great; on one hand, it’s very convenient to be able to access presentation work from any gadget and platform, which users of Emaze can do, and be able to pick up work right where it was left off. There’s also something to be said about being able to carry around a backup hard copy as an extra security measure, just in case. Emaze gives users that peace of mind; PowerPoint cannot.

Emaze is the Clear Choice

Besides having totally free accounts, we offer the freshest new free PowerPoint template options in the world. These free PPT templates are created by the internet’s hottest new designers, our design experts, and the cream of the user-generated crop guarantee you’ll never get bored. Whether you’re a newbie or if you’re an experienced presentation creator, you’ll appreciate our newest free presentation templates, which feature 3D graphics, intense HD color and clarity, and pan and zoom focus. Combine that with our available-anywhere accessibility, and you’ll see that emaze is the clear winner over PowerPoint. You could even say that emaze is the better PowerPoint maker. Try out Emaze for free and see for yourself.