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emaze blog
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From Myth to Reality: Beautiful PowerPoint Design in One Click

created by Talya Ladell

Presenters have amazing ideas, content and stories that they’d like to share. But to resonate with audiences, content must be packaged in beautiful visuals.  Even the best ideas can get lost without proper design.  The average presenter spends days trying to fit their powerful words into their PowerPoint presentation.  And yet, after all that time, the result is usually mediocre, simply because presenters are idea people, not designers.

emaze was founded on the concept of bringing great design to all.  We saw a need to help people with big ideas create a beautifully designed presentation.  The emaze platform offers a surprisingly easy solution. Simply select a template that best suits your message and then add in your fantastic content.  

Now, we’ve decided to step it up a notch.  We noticed that the majority of our users have made presentations using PowerPoint.  We asked ourselves if we could make it even easier for our users who have already created presentations using PowerPoint?  Can we redesign PowerPoints easily and gorgeously?  We’ve harnessed the power of all of our users’ presentations in a big way and created a new technology that is able to design for your content.  Through our use of high end algorithms, we can now redesign your presentation with a single click.

AUTOMAZE’s sophisticated technology scans your presentation content, text, images and layouts and builds a beautifully re-designed version.  Let our new AUTOMAZE feature take your old PowerPoint and emazify it into your best presentation yet.  

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We’re expecting that presenters will see a difference, not only with their presentations’ designs, but also with their audiences.

Got your PowerPoint ready?

Login, click EMAZIFY YOUR POWERPOINT, and let AUTOMAZE do the rest.

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Empower your presentation with the power of AUTOMAZE.





created by Shai Schwartz

Deemed the sexiest tool of the Internet industry, analytics are by far the hunkiest breakthrough of the dot com era. Tapping into our psyche, they answer our clandestine wish to know who’s watching us. Bursting open the black box otherwise known as “user behaviors”, analytics tools have revolutionized the way we present ourselves, connect with our viewers, the way we strategize go-to-market plans and maneuver around competition.

read more

presentation on social enterprise solaris

Spotlight On: Solaris

created by Shai Schwartz

How Tech and Ambition Are Powering Entire African Villages

Since winning emaze’s PITCHUP ’15 competition last month, the Spain-based startup Solaris has done more than afford electricity deficient rural Tanzania with portable power. If generating solar energy to power entire villages is not enough of an undertaking, Solaris is introducing social-entrepreneurship to a continent unfamiliar with the concept. read more

good presentation

Say it with a presentation 5 useful templates for professionals

created by Shai Schwartz

Remember that age-old saying “you only get once chance to make a first impression”?
Never is this adage more true than in the professional arena.
The following are 5 presentation templates designed to take the guessing out of the dazzle-effect game. read more