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The Top 12 Best Templates for the New School Year

Table of Contents

If there was ever a time to create an entire blog about some of our most amazing templates, we think at the start of the new school year would be it. We took our time going through our most popular templates, as well as creating brand new ones, to provide you with a comprehensive list of the best templates for this year.

Teacher Templates

To start off we have some templates created for our educators, a few our best templates to help introduce yourself, your course, or your lesson plans this year:

1. First up for the educator templates is Introductory. A template designed in the Instagram style so it’ll be easily recognizable. Something even the newest of students/teachers will be able to connect with, to help ease the welcome of a new year.

2. Our second template is The Perfect Lesson. As the name states, this template is perfect for creating a simple and easy-to-follow lesson plan. Ensuring no one gets overwhelmed with what’s to come and that everyone can stay on track. 

3. If you’re looking for something a little more thorough than the previous template, our Digital Book template offers a more expansive option. With a simple yet captivating design, this template is perfect for longer presentations that need more than just a few slides. 

Student Templates

Now let’s give something to the students! We have templates for everyone regardless of which side of the podium you stand on. And we know it’s students who will be trying their best to create as many unique presentations as they can to stand out from the rest of the class. 

4. First, we had to start off with our Academic template, after all, new school year, new projects. Our Academic template is for the simple, yet effective, presentation. It has just enough color and animation to keep things interesting without going overboard and losing focus. 

5. Next up, we start to get a bit of fun with the Breaking News template. A template meant to resemble a newspaper, it will ensure that any project looks headline-worthy and that it will capture your audience’s attention. 

6. While this next template can technically be for our educators, we wanted to include the Chalkboard template for our students. Why? Because it’s so fun! A template designed to look like a good old-fashioned green chalkboard can be enjoyed by anyone looking to add a little fun to their presentation.

3D Templates

Here at emaze we always look to do more and reach higher, so our next lineup of templates are pretty unique to us and some of our personal favorites. Our 3D templates are among the newer in the collection and we think they’re simply ‘emazing’.

7. To start off we have our Virtual School 3D template. With this immersive design, you are transported to an elementary/high school. Complete with lockers and whiteboards, it’s meant to represent the standard school building.

8. Next up, and not to be confused for the template before, is the Academic Building template. While the previous template resembled a primary school, this template takes you to university. We’ve included common areas as well as outdoor spaces to bring you a taste of a typical university.

9. Lastly, we take you out of the confines of school buildings and take you Under The Sea with this beautiful template. Under The Sea takes you underwater for a flowing and calming experience, designed with sea turtles, fish, and even a shipwreck. 

Quiz Templates

It wouldn’t be a school year without some quizzes and exams now would it? To make things more interesting and enjoyable we have added some of our top quiz templates to the list.

10. First up is our Online Survey template. This quiz template is designed to let the content shine. The design is simple and elegant, ensuring the questions and answers take center stage. You can see the different types of question styles available, including images, videos, and standard text choices.

11. Our next template is Show Your Knowledge. A little more refined than the Culture Quiz, this template showcases more design and effect elements, keeping the audience engaged. This quiz template also shows a different answer style, where an explanation is given for wrong/right answers. 

12. Finally, our last, but by no means least, quiz template, and template overall, is Special Agency. As the name implies it is in fact special. This quiz offers beautiful custom animation in compliment to the sleek and sophisticated design. The quiz template also portrays the results page at the end to show correct and incorrect answers.

We’ve provided you with twelve of our best templates to dive into for the new school year. We encourage you to try as many as you can and feel free to let us know which one was your favorite!

If you have any ideas for new templates, or questions about how to use any of the existing templates, please feel free to reach out to our support team or find us on social media.