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The Benefits of HTML5 vs. Adobe Flash

Table of Contents

There are many that say that HTML5 is far better than Adobe Flash and here we will explore these reasons in order to understand the benefits and to establish which one comes really has the advantage. To start, let us first understand what HTML5 and Flash are.

Our online presentation software Emaze allows you to create stunning presentations with HTML5 technology that runs seamlessly on any browser.

HTML5 and Adobe Flash are both technologies that people use in order to create effective content on the internet. Both these popular technologies have their advantages and disadvantages and by exploring their features we can establish the benefits of HTML5 over Flash.


HTML5 stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and we use this technology in order to develop websites. HTML has been around for over 20 years and with HTML codes, we can decide what a user will see when they enter a website, a blog or any other online links. With HTML, we are also able to embed animations, video clips and other multimedia tools with a text file. HTML5 also support multimedia content and provides features for allowing the scriptable rendering of 2D shapes.

One of the key advantages is that since HTML5 is capable of rendering multimedia content without the necessity of installing a plugin or a player application, this technology aims at replacing other rich internet application (RIA) platforms, such as Adobe Flash. HTML5 is capable of running on any computer as well as on mobile devices such as iPhones, Android devices, iPad, tablets and smartphones, some of which cannot run Flash. It also excels when it comes to excellent performance on some platforms such as Linux and Mac OS X.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a rich internet application (RIA) tool as well as a multimedia platform. It is used to add animation and interactivity to games, advertisements and different types of web pages. One of the key benefits of Flash is that it provides an excellent graphical experience and since it uses competent algorithms to render graphical content, the scenes rendered with Flash run with a smoother finish. Flash also offers the ability to provide built-in visual effects which provide developers and graphic artists with the freedom of creative expression. Another advantage is that Adobe Flash can make specifications in sub-pixel increments for measurements and this ability results in a crisper and clearer presentation of Flash applications.


HTML5 vs. Adobe Flash

Here we will explore how HTML5 exceeds Flash.

HTML5 has been developed by many developers and it is more upgraded and unique than Flash which is owned by Adobe. Flash also runs very slowly on some platforms such as Linux and Mac OS X since it does not have access to Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) processing. What this means is that the graphics processing is performed on the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and this causes the application to slow down immensely. Adobe Flash is also not supported by iOS and so a Flash file cannot run on an iOS device such as iPad and iPhone. One of the other key drawbacks of Flash is that in order to play a SWF file, you will need to install Adobe Flash and so you need to ensure that the device and the operating system are compatible with Flash.

When it comes to running on Linux and Mac OS X, HTML5 excels and it has been shown that HTML5 content outshines Flash by running 58% faster than Flash apps. It has also been shown that Flash is not great for mobile devices and laptops whereas HTML5 takes the lead in these areas. Adobe Flash also consumes more power and is not compatible with a touch screen. Because of this, Flash causes a device to heat up. HTML5 on the other hand is compatible with touch screens and it does not have any issues with any device.

HTML5 is becoming increasingly popular with companies such as Emaze and Wix (who have previously featured Flash and have made the change to HTML5) providing easy to use, interactive platforms to create presentations and websites that are beautifully designed with minimum work on the users’ end.