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The 5 Top Website Design Trends to Expect in 2018

Table of Contents

Doesn’t it seem like every time you look up, there is a new latest trend to watch? The world of style and design moves quickly, and in particular, the ever-evolving and highly innovative space of website design. This should come as no surprise- a good majority of us spend a very large part of our days looking at websites, whether it is for professional or personal use. So, when people are spending so much of their time looking at websites, you want to make sure that yours is the one with the UX/UI design that will make a memorable impression. 

We recently sat down to talk with Hadas Shviro, the Head of Design at Emaze, to find out what are predicted to be the biggest and most impactful website design trends of 2018. Read more to find out what are slated to be the 5 most popular and cutting edge styles of the new year!

Typography Trends to Watch

One of the biggest trends we will be seeing an increase of in 2018 in website design is the shift to bold and creative uses of typography. As Hadas explained, up until the last couple of years, we really only saw a few simple styles of typography being used in websites, with perhaps a slightly more decorative style for titles and headings. Most noticeable of all, she said, was the large absence of Serif typefaces, and primary use of Sans Serif or Gothic typefaces (think fonts like Open Sans). To those who are not familiar with typefaces, a serif is a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol (think of what a typewriter font looks like), and Sans Serif typefaces do not have that line.

In the past couple of years and increasingly in 2018, the world of website design will be seeing a major movement towards a wider and more creative variety of typography styles that are underrated in their highly effective role in conveying a website’s style and brand message. Website design will be encountering more geometric typefaces (like Roboto and Montserrat), Serif typefaces (like Baskerville and Rufina) and monospaced typewriter style typefaces (like Arvo).  In light of these advancements, Emaze has been adding dozens of new exciting fonts to its online software for designers and regular users to take advantage of. Hadas highlights examples of Emaze website templates that she and the Design team have created which incorporate this style of bold typography.

Here is an Emaze website template that showcases some of the typography trends mentioned:

Powered by emaze

Additionally, designers are favoring the use of large typography as a part of the key visual in a website, a very progressive change that was not traditionally part of a standard website design. For a successful website design, it is essential to not only select the right fonts, but to choose ones that highlight the brand theme and messaging, and also to select multiple typefaces for different areas and types of text throughout the website. Typography and its crucial role in the overall look and effect of a website can often be so overlooked, Hadas explains. So, you heard it here- have fun and be clever with typography! Create your free website with a ready-made template in Emaze, or check out our templates for some font inspiration and then start from scratch.

Staying in Line With Modular Design

While modular design is not an entirely new trend, it is expected to continue gaining popularity in 2018. What is modular design? It is a UX/UI design technique that utilizes a block grid type pattern to structure a website’s layout, and is a good way to make a website both organized and visually interesting, Hadas explains. Modular design is especially a great option for managing and presenting a lot of content, or when there are different elements that are somewhat unrelated as this approach offers a nice way to tie them together. It has started to become a favorite style of many businesses for their websites, but is also popular among bloggers and influencers as a way of breaking up their content.

Going Back to the Future With Modern Retro

Good news for all you fans of 90’s era designs! The “modern retro” look is making a major comeback in 2018. The exaggerated pixel look of video games you grew up with is returning, this time with a new modern twist. Why now? Imagery and design elements that were once popular give the viewer a sense of comfort and nostalgia for those times, aimed at reminding the consumer of their youth. This particular design style, Hadas notes, has become particularly associated with “geek” and tech culture, for example in the use of old school computer imagery and all things vintage from that time period. Two other notable features of this style include the iconic pixel-based illustrations that are modeled after early video games, and bright colored whimsical line art, geometric shapes and squiggles. You can learn more about this trend here. Though it is true that this design style does not work for every type of website, it is certainly a great option for something geared towards fun, young and tech savvy millennials.

Here is an example of a “modern retro” style website template in Emaze:

Powered by emaze

Take a Trip to the Dark Side

In recent years, there has been a popular trend of creating minimalist websites with white or neutral backgrounds, with perhaps a few colorful elements throughout the design. While these style websites are definitely not out of style, a new trend of darker themed websites seems to becoming in style. Hadas comments that the world of website design is seeing many new websites with a dark color background or dark gradient background. Dark conveys a sleek and sophisticated vibe, so while it is probably not the most playful style, it definitely works for certain kinds of sites. This style is popping up more and more for websites of tech companies, artists and musicians, but is less likely to show up as a popular style for things like food blogs or fashion websites. Going with a darker look for a website is sure to capture some attention in a space where so many websites still have a similar neutral/white look, so if you’re looking to make a dramatic statement and stand out, here’s a great option!

Here is an example of a dark Emaze website template:

Powered by emaze

It’s All in the Decorative Details

Little details, in just the right amounts, have the potential to make a big impact. This is indeed the case when it comes to small decorative details in website design. Simple, stark, modern websites are not out- they are here to stay, but with a twist. Gone are the days of click buttons being rectangles with sharp edges. Now, designers are shifting to different shapes of buttons, especially favoring ones with soft edges, Hadas explains. The tiniest of little geometric shapes, lines, and fragments are being incorporated into websites’ UI designs in creative ways. They are not a big part of the overall content and layout of a website design, but add even a little bit more character to an otherwise neutral element-free website. Underscores, dashes and arrows are being used to add a little style to basic parts of a website, like headings and subtitles, and all of these elements are often interactive, meaning that they move according to some movement the user does with their mouse on the screen. For website designers and companies aiming to achieve a professional, modern and minimalist look, this is a style worth trying.

Powered by emaze

Want to start trying out some of these trends? See many more Emaze website templates to find a wide variety of examples highlighting these 5 trends and many more.

Ready to get started creating your website? Looking for faster website builder? Use our website generator to create your free custom Emaze website in minutes!