Jul 28 2022
5 tips presentation skills

5 Tips To Improve Presentation Skills For Distance Learning

by Emaze
Reading Time: 3 minutes

We established in our last blog on The Digital Takeover And Its Impact On Education, that having a strong virtual presence is desperately needed to succeed in the digital realm of eLearning.  But how can you command a virtual space and maintain interest from a screen?

 In this article, we will go over 5 tips to improve presentation skills for distance learning so you can create an impactful presentation, not just in content but in creativity. 

#1. Plan, Plan, Plan! 

Having a solid working plan of your intentions (aka what you want to get across in your presentation as well as an outline of how you’ll get through it) will help you be prepared. Planning ahead allows you to stage and craft a presentation that is creatively engaging, entertaining, and informative. Not to mention when you’re prepared things flow a lot smoother. Why is flow important? Think about a movie. A movie that flows is a movie that keeps you engaged. It’s the same with a presentation, when it runs smoothly it’s easy to follow along, and stay engaged. When it gets choppy, and the presenter starts skipping around, or backtracking, you lose focus and lose interest. So know WHAT and WHEN you want to say something before it comes time to say it. 

#2. Practice Makes Perfect.

Just like how you should plan the what and the when you need to know the HOW. We’ve all been there, someone says something and their tone just isn’t right. Something doesn’t connect and you can’t relate. The WAY in which you say something is often times just as important, if not more important, than the words themselves. Practicing can instill more confidence in a speaker and help produce an overall better product. So practice your presentation. Practice in front of a mirror, practice to your pet or sibling, record yourself, no matter how you do it, practice in a way you hear yourself. 

#3. Keep It Simple, But Relevant. 

What? Yes, you need to keep your audience in mind, and you need to remember they’re staring at a screen, and probably not for the first time today. So keep your sentences clear, and break-down heavy topics. Even before presenting, write your [presentation] as something to be heard, not to be read. Which goes back to the first two points on our list, prepare your presentation, and practice it out loud. Keep it simple, keep it dynamic, and keep it poetic. 

#4. Make Sure You Engage.

No one likes a run-on monologue. Keep your presentation interesting by asking questions, including short games, or switching up the media in your slides. With emaze, you can actually embed various widgets and media files, as well as create quizzes and forms. Take advantage of the technology we now rely on and make it work for you. 

#5. Make It Unique.

Easier said than done, we know. But that’s why we always create new templates and come up with new features. We made it easy for you. Simply pick a template, and instantly design a visually stimulating presentation that compliments your content. 

When you create something pleasing to the eye people will want to look at it. Don’t believe us? Just google how many art museums there are in the world. For the record, there are roughly 19,000 galleries across 124 countries in 3,533 cities worldwide. So take advantage of our designs and make your presentation pretty. Use design to emphasize your message, not hide it. 

That concludes our list. We’ve given you 5 tips to improve presentation skills for distance learning that you can easily incorporate into your presentations to help keep your audience engaged. Everything from personality to “prettiness”. So go out there and put these tips to the test!

If you’re interested in learning more about how we help educators and academic institutions check out our LMS and feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns at cs@emaze.com