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The Rules and Tools of Engagement

Table of Contents

So, you’ve got yourself an audience. Whether it’s a meeting with a potential or existing client or a feature within your company’s or an industry blog, the next and most crucial step is generating content that keeps them interested, engaged, and wanting for more. Few things are worse than having a great idea, product, or service and delivering it with a wonky approach or lukewarm pitch. As the adage goes, it’s not what you say, but how you say it that counts, and this point is especially true within our buzzing, modern world both online and off.

In order for your business to provide optimized content of lasting value that truly engages your audience, key terms to consider include interaction, authentication, and dynamism. Consider the following tools for inclusion in your business efforts to pique interest, maintain involvement, and convert audience members into loyal fans:



The digital desire to be included in all things social may get you some new followers, but it also runs the risk of dividing your community and losing your target audience. spot.IM, the first “everywhere” social network, nips this problem in the bud by providing a cohesive, centralized social hub for your business and its community. Not only will your users have a one-stop shop for all information associated with your business, but communication within your ‘spot’ will serve as the one authentic authority on all of your business-related matters. Your audience members will be able to speak with each other in real time in a central spot, which proves to be advantageous since one can easily forget the content of (or even mere involvement with) his or her output on tangential channels. Interactive conversations on ‘spots’ means more engagement on your site, and a greater potential for spurring lengthier involvement in your content as well as increased advocacy for your company.



Whether you’re in a business pitch or writing blog content, your audience will put more faith in your efforts if your points are backed up with factual evidence. As surveys and case studies are traditionally composed in lengthy reports with technical jargon that’s hard to follow, alleviate the workload of your audience by composing your own unique infographic with a tool like Piktochart. Enticing pre-made templates from a variety of graphic styles draw the reader’s eye to the image. The multifaceted educational nature of infographics encourages the reader to read on through its completion, which equates to more time active on your site or article. Additionally, the creation of these extra materials shows potential clients that you’re capable of producing original, engaging content based on trustworthy sources.


Textual + Visual

A presentation tool like emaze is optimal for marrying textual and visual content to accompany an in-person presentation or the content of an online article. Even the most effective speakers can lose the attention of audience members, which is why it’s important to complement the substance of your speech with visual reference points. Platforms like emaze can transform a static presentation into a dynamic and powerful multimedia production. Colors, graphics, animations, and the like keep your watchers tuned in to see what’s next, compelling them to engage with your presentation rather than staring into space or watching the clock. In terms of inclusion within blog posts and other online material, it’s a great way to visually summarize the main points of your content. Many people are visual learners, so they may prefer to view your emaze to gather the main points of your article. This inclusion is a good way to make sure that the disparate preferences of your audience are noticed and capitalized on.

Use these tools to your advantage to generate the most engagement, efficiently and interactively. One final note to consider in the production of any output is to generate content that you yourself would be interested in reading, viewing, or taking part in. Always keep these considerations in mind in order to maximize engagement within your business.