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PowerPoint Presentation Tool or Emaze. We Simply Rock!

Table of Contents

If you’re still using the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software to create your next demonstration for work or school, you can do better. Find out how Emaze will take more than just your slides to the next level.

Microsoft may have cornered the market on PowerPoint presentation creation in the past, but users now have a better choice when it comes to all aspects of slide-based presentation software: Emaze.


Emaze is a browser-based cutting-edge presentation software that utilizes cloud storage, so it is compatible with both PCs and Macs, as well as tablets and smartphones of virtually all platforms. Users are able to create, view, share, and save ALL their emaze PPT presentations from ANY device at ANY location at ANY time. All for free. Microsoft’s PowerPoint can’t even come close.


In comparison to PPT presentations, at Emaze the presentations are accessed, built, and stored online, so the system is extremely user friendly. For instance, with one free account a user can choose a designer template, and layout, then add their content—charts, tables, sound effects, background music, hyperlinks, video, images, files, and more—with just a few simple mouse clicks, and then save to the cloud. Later on, the user can access the presentation easily from any device, anywhere, and pick up right where she left off. Teams can easily collaborate on presentations simultaneously and share their presentation via Facebook or email, or even embed it into a website. Need to work in another language? No problem. Emaze supports all languages, with automatic presentation translation. Emaze can handle HTML5 and CSS3, and allows users to import slides directly from PowerPoint into Emaze easily. Trying to download PowerPoint presentations? Good luck with that.. However, users who need to download presentations and save them on hard copy have no problem with Emaze, because we can do this easily, with offline access as well. When compared with PowerPoint’s lack of options, choosing Emaze just got a whole lot easier.


Emaze users have access to the most recent templates of 2D, 3D, and video PPT presentations on the web, including pre-designed layouts, made by today’s hottest designers. We’re always updating and adding to our selections with professionally designed templates and our best user-generated template content, so users won’t find better design selections anywhere on the net. Sorry Microsoft, your PowerPoint layouts just…lack.

Emaze easily outperforms PowerPoint in all areas of importance. Users need a presentation tool that is relevant, easy to use, and versatile, and Emaze picks up where PowerPoint presentations slacks off. From online cloud collaboration and storage to the ability to download presentations for offline use, Emaze is the way to go.