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We Beat Old PowerPoint Designs in Freemium Beta Model

Table of Contents

Our new online presentation tool is based on html5 technology instead of Flash, which allows users to create presentations online using one of many predefined templates offered, for free.

Some of these templates are 2D and others have 3D effects, something PowerPoint designs don’t offer easily yet.

Right now, to create a 3D PowerPoint design, you have to be very proficient in creating designs for PowerPoint, as there are many tools and screens involved and you have to, essentially, create your 3D image from scratch. This involves spending a great deal of time working with PowerPoint, and learning the tricks and steps involved, or learning from another person. Going this route to create PowerPoint designs is very complicated and most users simply don’t have the time or want to put forth the effort required to develop such a skill. We offer an easy alternative for PowerPoint design. Our tools make creating 3D effects simple and easy, with straightforward tools that show you your effect as you create it.

In addition to the ease of which we make the creation of designs for PowerPoint presentations, we also offer complete mobility and accessibility at all times for our users. Because your presentations are stored in the cloud, you never have to worry about whether or not you’ve downloaded your presentation onto the right device or into the right room. Simply log into the site, and all of your saved presentations are right there on your home screen. Of course, if you need to save your work locally, that’s always an option too. All you have to do is click on the “download” icon that appears on your completed presentation’s “play” screen, and you’re good to go. Download your presentation as many times as you need; it will play seamlessly on any device!

Oh, yeah; did we mention we use the latest HTML5 technology to provide maximum usability for users on any platform? Ah, yep. We do. No longer do you have to worry whether your device supports Flash or not, or about getting your presentation onto a device that does so you can continue to work on the go or present it to your audience. Whether you’re using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, we have you covered.

Ready to try it out? To start making your own designs for PowerPoint presentations, click here!