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No more static: Benefits of Digital Signage Boards

Table of Contents

What do restaurants, car dealerships, waiting rooms, airports and salons have in common? Many of them have already begun implementing digital signage boards into their spaces to engage visitors and capture their attention. Find out what a digital signage board is and how businesses are using them.

What are digital signage boards?

You’ve probably already seen one and didn’t even know it! Becoming more and more popular every day, many businesses have television screens or monitors set up around their establishments. Often, these are used to display menus, promotions, internal business performance or announcements, company information or news, or simply fun and engaging content. Instead of wasting the valuable space a monitor screen offers in a store while people are there waiting, they maximize the space and use it for something that is of interest to the viewers. Displayed on TV monitors, digital signage boards are typically designed with an editor tool like Emaze, and can include photos, videos, text, data and graphs, live social media feeds, embedded web pages, and any other static or live content the brand wishes to include.

What do consumers get out of digital signage boards?

The average consumer walks into a chain restaurant or car dealership and can typically expect to be waiting for a few minutes, on line, for their car to be serviced, or for the order to be ready. By incorporating digital signage boards into stores, consumers have something interesting to look at while they wait. What’s especially nice about it is that they can see multiple types of content from a variety of different channels at any given time. So, they can look at the brand’s social media content, while at the same time seeing a photo gallery, local news alerts, limited edition menu items and important store news and updates.

From the displays, customers may discover something they didn’t know about that could benefit them, or become more knowledgeable about the brand. Overall, their experience there is more customized and therefore, improved. Digital signage boards keep the consumer interested and engaged throughout their time in the establishment with content that they can continue viewing from their own device if they so choose.

What do brands get out of implementing digital signage boards into their strategy?

There is so much a brand or store can gain from incorporating digital signage boards into their digital strategy. Brands should be maximizing every inch of valuable digital real estate in their establishment, and using their screens or monitors to promote their content is the way to do it. Brands can easily and quickly develop the perfect designs and layouts for each different screen and plug in their content without any coding necessary. They can capture the attention of customers and guests and take advantage of people naturally looking at the screens to promote whatever they want. Many brands that Emaze has worked with to create custom digital signage have chosen to divide up their screens to include a variety of content types include automatically updating live social media feeds, photo galleries, important company news, live engagement activated by customers and so much more.

Other companies have chosen to use digital signage solutions more internally, in their offices and assembly plants, to give employees easy-to-access bite size information, performance stats, and announcements. The reason why this solution works both internally and externally is because the content can be changed and updated automatically with the click of a button. The flexible design capabilities encourage and empower brands to regularly make changes and updates so that viewers are always seeing something new, learning about new campaigns, and getting excited about the brand anew each and every time.

What are the software and hardware requirements for a digital signage board?

Many people interested in getting digital signage boards set up in their place of business immediately ask, “Do I have to buy hardware and install lots of new software?” We all know that there is nothing a business is less interested in doing that buying tons of new hardware and getting it all set up. To implement a digital signage solution, all a company has to have is at least one TV screen or monitor, and internet connection. Any employee of the business can easily log into their Emaze account online, make any changes to the content or design, and immediately upload the changes to one of all of the displays. By working with the technology infrastructure already in place in all businesses, starting to employ a digital signage strategy is a no-brainer!

Ready to get started setting up your own digital signage board or just want to know more? Learn more about digital signage or get in touch with us!