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When was the last time you were truly engaged and captivated by a PPT presentation? Have you ever been? Even a little? Why is it that so many PowerPoints are so un-engaging and painful to sit through? Learn to engage your audience in this emaze presentation. 

Engage your audience and become a better presenter

As I wrote here before at the “visual superiority effect”, making a presentation requires a lot of thinking. You should consider the combination between the message you want to communicate and the perfect Visual that will emphasize it in the clearest way.

Nothing communicates so quickly as strong visuals. In fact, studies show that communication with visuals is up to six times more effective than with words alone.

So why don’t we use more visuals in PowerPoint presentations, and more often? 

To answer these questions, lets take a look back at the first version of powerpoint introduced in 1987. From the beginning, powerpoint was designed to make it easier to type titles and bullets. Creating a slide of bullets was the default action and the textual message was, back then, the most important thing. Of course it has changed over the last two decades but this basic fact remains. Powerpoint is optimized to make creating a slide of bullets the easiest thing to do. Today, it’s not working anymore. When your audience is seeking entertainment and interesting information, you cannot provide it with text and bullets.

emaze came out on 2013 and is more than ready to change everything.

We focus on the visual process and offer the power to create an emazing presentation with engaging visuals. Anyone can do it and get amazing results in minutes! Our easy to use interface is as easy as typing bullets in powerpoint and strong enough to engage your audience from their first glance.

Showing a visual all at once can be overwhelming. Your audience will be too busy to absorb all the messages you’re trying to communicate to them. The ability to know what looks good on a huge screen is not obvious. Emaze templates solve it. All you have to do is pick one, insert your text and images (in case you want to change ours), and that’s it. You are ready to present!

Mac vs PC. 

The differences between powerpoint and emaze remind me a little the comparisons that were made between the old PC and the desirable Macintosh. Slowness versus speed, archaic versus innovation and also superficial design versus attention to details. I can mention many others. They all said that the PC is not “cool” anymore, not only because of its outdated design but also because the fact that Mac’s innovative tools were created to meet the many needs that the PC computer did not respond.
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There was a funny campaign made to introduce the advantages of Mac over the PC. Here you can watch all the 66 Mac vs PC (or “get a Mac”) ads in the series.

The fact that we should move on to innovative tools in the year 2014 is obvious. unfortunately, most of the people are afraid to get outside their comfort zone. My advice to you, is do not be afraid to go to the unknown and explore new things in life, there could be a place that will excite you more than the old one. Those of you who want to stay updated should emaze their presentations. Those who still want to stay in the 90’s and have a “boring-man impression” should definitely continue with PowerPoint. Try emaze and be ready to stun your audience!