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Add Some Tech to Your Turkey!

Table of Contents

Introducing our list of the must-have tech tools for your Thanksgiving 2016! From getting there and preparing, to enhancing the festivities and sharing the memories once the holiday is over, we’ve found exactly what you need to do it well. Celebrating Turkey Day has never been easier.

1. Transform your travels

Still looking for the best flight home for the weekend, or just decided to go somewhere for the holiday? Google Flights is your new personal travel agent. Waste no time jumping around a million different airline sites, Google Flights will help you figure out where and when to fly and how to do it for the best price!

2. Get organized with your shopping and cooking

Ditch writing your grocery lists and menus on a notepad. That was so last century! Instead, try out the free app AnyList, available on the App Store. Quickly create and share lists, categorize items on your shopping list by section of the store, and collect and organize recipes. You can also add ingredients directly from your recipes to your shopping list. Infinite possibilities!

3. Find the perfect playlist

Thanksgiving is a full day of festivities, traveling, cooking, schmoozing and eating. Make sure you’re prepared for all of it with an endless variety of music sure to please everyone. Play millions of songs from any iPhone, Android or computer for free with 8tracks. You can search for already-made Thanksgiving playlists, or make your own.

4. Customize and share your Thanksgiving photos right away

Instead of keeping your family photos buried on your phone, share them with your family and friends in a beautifully designed way. Use the Thanksgiving Memories free emaze template to showcase all the great family pics you have from your Thanksgiving. Then share what you created on social media or email, or post it on your website or blog.

Check out this one:

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