Apr 15 2015

PITCHUP ’15 Pitch Contest – Timeline

by Shai Schwartz
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Make sure you check out the  PITCHUP ’15 timeline for this year:

Round A – Submissions

March 19th-April 21st

*  Submitted presentations will fall into one of 3 categories:

Startups  (picked by highest no. of votes)

NGOs & Small Businesses (picked by highest no. of votes)

Hand-picked presentations (picked on the merit of the presentation, no popular choice element)

SPECIAL BONUS: Presentations in the Startup category ONLY, will be competing for a sponsored trip to the DEMO Conference in addition to a $10,000 cash prize


 Round A Winners Announced

April 28th

*          Winning Criteria: Presentations with highest number of votes


Round B – Judges’ Panel

May 19th

*          Winning Criteria: Merit of the pitch


 Competition Winners Announced!

May 20th

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