Jul 14 2014
a new concept template with the look and feel of a website

A New Concept Template With The Look & Feel Of A Website

by Motti Nisani
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Our talented team of designers and programmers have developed a new type of presentation technology. We’re proud to introduce a new concept template that is now available to all our Emaze users. Meet our latest addition, Timeline, designed to model the look and feel of a website.

We wanted to leave an amazing impression on our emaze users so our designers came up with this amazing new concept template. Inspired by Apple’s interactive timeline of their 30 year history, our designers built upon this idea to create an engaging, web-based template serving as a mini-site. Sounds amazing?

Are you trying to create a mini-site for your business? How about a timeline of someone like JFK for a report? Maybe you want to create a story and watch it unfold? Then the Timeline template is for you! This new concept template allows you navigate through a multi-layered slide presentation with ease. The first slide serves as a “home page” where you can navigate by clicking on each of the panels, leading you to another slide/section of the presentation. Take a look and try it out for yourself!

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