Feb 20 2014
8 public speaking fails as narrarated by sochi olympians

8 Public Speaking Fails as Narrated by Sochi Olympians

by Motti Nisani
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Have the public speaking woes? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With a little confidence and practice, you will knock your next speech out of the park. We can’t all be as charming and confident as Johnny Weir or Tara Lipinksi, but you sure can try!

Public Speaking Tips Learnt From Failures

Created with emaze – the amazing online presentation maker, we bring you 8 public speaking fails as narrated by Sochi Olympians:

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1. Using too many“ums” 

Ummm.. don’t do this! It projects that you are nervous and not prepared. Instead, remain silent and pause before your next thought.

2. Speaking without confidence
Leaders standout because they exude confidence and assurance to make an impression that lasts. If Obama can do it, you can too.

3. Letting the audience know when you’ve made a mistake
Don’t let small mistakes get in the way, stay calm and continue where you left off without your audience knowing you messed up.

4. Not engaging with the audience
Your audience will lose focus within 5 minutes without adding some humor or something attention grabbing. Make them laugh!

5. Reading directly from your script
No one wants to hear a robot speak or to listen to things they can read off a presentation. Add some flavor and excitement, it shows confidence.

6. Speaking too quickly
Take time into consideration, don’t rush! Time yourself, or even record your voice to prepare for a speech. There is no race to the finish line in public speaking.

7. Letting nerves get the best of you
Nerves will only make it more difficult for you to speak, stay calm. Your audience see and hear your shaky voice, stiff body and crossed arms.

8. Information overload
Let’s face it, you have a limited time to talk before your audience loses interest. Don’t bore them, only tell them what they need to know.