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Why I Started Using emaze

Table of Contents

This article was written by Adam K.,
Affiliates Manager for an online international marketplace

As a professional, one tends to excel in two or maybe three niches (ie marketing, content writing, etc…), control several others (accounting, IT, KPI monitoring…) and do everything in one’s  power to avoid others (Excel, product presentations to your boss, design, math…).   Hence, time management is of the essence for each and every one of us.

Let’s face it, one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist or even an Excel wonder to realize that 1 hour spent on activities one enjoys (ie Online Marketing) is much more useful (and rewarding) for everybody, than two or even three hours spent on activities you’ll do everything to avoid (in my case it would be preparing weekly KPI presentations for the VP).

1h online marketing ($$$) > 3h KPI presentation (-$$)

Up until very recently my colleagues and myself spent practically the entire Monday gathering information from all our activities to prepare our weekly marketing plan in accordance with the monthly one and putting it all on a “stylish” online Google/Powerpoint presentation. Mondays quickly became the most hated day of the week, not because most of us were still in w-end mood, but because these online presentations would take up all our energies!


I think it was sometime last November, when one of my colleagues from the IT department felt sorry for us and showed us something called emaze. Some knew it, others like me never heard of it. We took a quick look at it and couldn’t understand what the big fuss was all about. “So? They do online presentations and things, that’s cool. And?”
At that point Alex (IT guy) showed us his presentations and how easily he could create a new one using presentation templates.


Using these templates, even free ones, you can do these awesome things!

I think it was the last time we used monotone presentations and stock icons/images for our meetings and where the VP actually started paying attention to what we had to say.

Using the cool marketing presentation templates available on emaze we were able to bring some life to the boring meetings we had online and improve our overall efficiency! Don’t get me wrong, we still had to work on gathering up all the info and place it nicely into a presentation, but it was far easier now and “geeky fun” too! We even allowed ourselves twice to break open our piggy bank and order cool templates from some sellers on Fiverr, bringing some extra spice to it!

The equation presented earlier now changed and looks more like this :

emaze free presentation template