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It’s Time to Move on: Create amazing content

Table of Contents

Although I’m not always full of confidence when presenting my ideas in front of crowd, I remember that since I was 10 I truly loved the feeling of standing in front of the class after working very hard on my presentation. I was very excited to share my ideas with anyone who ever wanted to listen. One thing I most remember is that it was back in the 90’s when PowerPoint was the “hottest software in town”.

However, as we all know, a new technology always takes the previous one’s place. We cannot cling to the past while the world of presentation is looking forward. PowerPoint will always light a nostalgic longing in me and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Nevertheless, PowerPoint is already Passé! We should move on…

Looking for exciting alternatives

Well, the common view is that we’re already over PowerPoint, and people start looking for exciting alternatives. Today, when you use an alternative presentation tool, you transmit Innovation, diligence and maturity by bringing a fresh attitude to the presentation’s auditorium.

Most of the time, presenting a PowerPoint presentation can influence the audience’s opinion even before you say a single word. In worst cases, you’ll also lose your audience’s attention because they all fall asleep.

Think about your audience

The situation nowadays is that most of the speakers don’t know how to shape their ideas into a stunning presentation. they either don’t know they should search for an interesting content nor build a strategy, which includes a bit of thinking about their audience’s personal interests.

Your time is too expensive

Just think about the time you spent in order to put together an amazing presentation instead of putting some effort in practicing your speech and repeating the punchlines. More absurd is that at the end of the process, it still doesn’t look attractive as you want it to be.

However, when you do realize that you should seek for an interesting visual ways to present your ideas and thoughts, you won’t even think about PowerPoint as an option because you don’t want to create another boring presentation.

“Content is the king” Bill Gates

A great way to catch your audience’s attention during a speech is to have visual elements in a multimedia presentation. Sounds difficult? Now, think twice!

All you need is an app that can do this without requiring any special skills from you. emaze is a very visual HTML5 online presentation editor that works on any computer or tablet. It means that your presentation can be accessed from anywhere and you just need to choose your favorite template out of the template variety and simply start inserting your interesting content (text, images or videos).

Watching a presentation created in Chinese? Not a problem with our new “Translate” button which supports more than 60 languages! Now you can understand and inspired by everybody no matter what language they speak.

So…stop wasting your time! Think about winning content and we’ll take care of the rest!