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Interview with Virgil, emaze Freelance Designer

Table of Contents

emaze has always offered presenters the ability to make stunning visual content with ease.  Although originally intended for the non-designer, emaze, since its inception, has caught the eye of the greater design community.

Designers realize that the advanced HTML5 technology of emaze, such as the ability to embed everything from the web, can make a presentation a true showstopper.  Several designers have decided to take on emaze design projects as there is a high need for the extremely well designed and highly engaging presentations that emaze offers.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Virgil, an emaze freelance designer living in Hong Kong and working via Fiverr to deliver beautiful emaze presentations.  Our full interview follows.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Virgil from Hong Kong. I’m a highly driven individual with a few years of graphic design experience. I was 16 years old, studying arts, drama and music in high school when I first started my emaze gig two years ago. Before my job on Fiverr, I have created digital graphics for an indie app and composed short music for a major school drama event. I am still currently a full-time student working partly on Fiverr to gain more experience.

Do you consider yourself an online entrepreneur with the various services you provide on Fiverr?

No, I haven’t considered myself an online entrepreneur yet, even though up till now, I have provided presentation creation, mockups and a few graphic design services on Fiverr, earning a decent amount of ‘income’ over the years. At times, I consider myself as an online freelancer since my main goal is to gain more working experience, not to start a business. After all, I am just a student and still learning. If working in Fiverr makes me successful and I start considering full-time after I’ve obtained a degree, then sure I am an online entrepreneur.

Your service is creating stunning emaze presentations. Can you please elaborate on that? What does your service entail?

My service is to help clients create a emaze presentation.  I start with helping them elaborate on raw ideas and finish with helping them to redesigning fully designed Powerpoint, usually the prior. Clients present what they want and provide some background information of their business, then I work on creating a presentation that suits their needs the best, for example, creating and adding infographics, giving it a professional touch. Jobs I have often been receiving are creating branded presentations for business; notable ones include promoting a credit card company and organizing a Skydome architect proposal being prepared to compete for the Beijing’s Winter Olympics. Most of my clients are struck awe on how professional the presentation looks and how organized it is compared to using Powerpoint, where infographics and designs are more limited and less attractive, and the themes are reused a lot to a degree that becomes very repetitive.

How long and why have you been using emaze?

I have been using emaze not only for Fiverr services, but also for daily presentation uses. I started using emaze about the same time I started my Fiverr gig, when I was finding an alternative to Powerpoint. As an arts student, it is one of our aims to explore and get used to surroundings that are out of our comfort zone. Two years ago, one of our graded presentations explore how accurate art is used to portray reality. Therefore, while choosing our Powerpoint theme, I came across the gallery theme in emaze, which is exactly what we needed to show how extravagant art is when compared to reality. That’s why I choose to explore emaze and when I am familiar with the mechanism of understanding it, I offer my service on Fiverr so that more people can learn about this new presentation tool.

Do you use emaze templates? 

Yes I do. The templates emaze offers are tremendous, interactive and multi-purpose, but at the same time they limit what the users would like to express. Take the gallery template aforementioned as an example; the template itself suits very well for the topic of our graded presentation, but the customization for the template itself is very minimal if we are to change it. This problem extends to the Fiverr jobs I take as well. Some clients like how the template looks, but then it takes tones of effort to tweak the theme in order to suit the meaning the presentation due to the imbalance in color tones and transition animations. To fix it, I usually add infographics and create my own background image to replace the ones clients provide, so that the overall feel of the presentation blends; that is the reason clients approach me. To conclude, the design of most of the templates found on emaze are superb in addition to the wide array of designs to choose from, though it would be a lot better and more convenient if there is an option for users to fully customize them or create their own according to their needs.

To sum up, emaze has helped me progress a lot, broadening my horizon as to what a presentation software is capable of compared to some limited features in our familiar Powerpoint. Even though emaze is a rather new tool, it has created a start in my freelancing career and allows me to gain deeper insight into various styles of graphic and presentation designs.

To reach out to Virgil on Fiverr, please click HERE.