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First Impressions Are Everything

Table of Contents

Research shows that people decide what kind of relationship they want with you between 3 to 10 seconds of  meeting. So, making a good impression really matters. In this short time, the other person who stands in front of you, form an opinion about you based on your body language and appearance, before you even speak. That means that people, most of the time, evaluate others, by a quick glance.

All kinds of encounters, whether it business or social, requires some self-awareness. In this post we are going to discuss about “how to create a good first impression”. Follow these steps to make your first impression a success!

Be Prepared

The first rule to make a good impression is to wrap your message with an amazing cover. For example, if you need to be prepared for an important meeting, make sure you have an incredible presentation that convert your ideas clearly (We’re biased… So you probably know in which platform we recommend you to create your presentation).

Small Talk Goes A Long Way

Greet everyone in the audience with not just a hello but a proper genuine greeting. Your attitude shows through in everything you do. It’s hard to really engage eye contact with every member of the audience. So if there is a big group, look above everyone’s heads and start chatting a little bit before you actually start presenting your idea.

Smile, Smile, Smile!

As they say “Smile and the world smiles too”.  A great smile will put you and your audience at ease. A winning smile is the recipe to create a good first impression.

Loud And Clear

As someone may complain about it and you may be asked to speak up, especially if you are giving a presentation in a place with bad acoustics or without loudspeaker aids such as a microphone. People hate to be willing to listen to someone but without being able to hear anything- thats annoying and can cause despair and frustration from your audience.

Just Have Fun And Use All Your Senses

Sense of humor for example can engage your audience very easily. Tell your story in a funny and entertaining way and add visuals which can help you communicate the message.

This way, your first impression will be as a confidence person who is not nervous from the whole situation and will help you catch your audience eyes and their attention.

Be Original!

Surprise them! People like people who are unexpected. Routine is humanity’s greatest boredom. Your audience expects to meet someone refreshing. That, would prompt them to admire your skills. Do not be afraid to be creative, to tell your story in an original way and come prepared with strong and interesting opinions. Even if they do not comply with the public – It will make them respond to your words and develop an open conversation on your concept. You can also showcase your creativity with professional presentation slides. Emaze has a variety of designer templates in different themes that could help make your presentation more original and fun!

You have just a few seconds to make a good first impression and it’s almost impossible ever to change it. So it’s worth giving each new encounter your best shot. With a little extra thought and preparation, you can hone your intuitive style and make every first impression not just good but great.