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Emaze Updates & New Features in 2018

Table of Contents

2018 is off to a great start and we have a lot to celebrate! Thanks to our inspiring Emaze community and truly creative users, the Emaze team has been busy upgrading and enhancing our product like never before. We have added tons of new features and improved existing ones that will make Emaze even better!

What’s new in Emaze Websites

Over 100 new website and blog templates added

In recent months, Emaze has released over 100 new website and blog templates, with something perfect for every look and style. With a wide variety of 2D and 3D animations, the designs offer websites that have a single scrolling slide, multiple pages, a range of menu options and built in places to feature live social feeds. Check out the latest templates here.

Generate automatic custom websites and connect social feeds

The Emaze team has been hard at work developing a new tool that lets anyone automatically generate personalized custom websites instantly. By connecting social media feeds to Emaze, Automaze, our automatic website generator, instantly populates the photos, videos and media in the website template with your own content. Without having to know a single line of code, anyone is now able to build a professional website for themselves in minutes. Learn more here.

Publish a website to a domain

Now, Emaze users are able to easily publish their content to share with everyone! Users can publish websites and blogs created in Emaze to a free domain or simply publish their content to a custom domain of their choice, like From start to finish, people can now create, edit, publish and share their websites all from one place!

Advanced tools and features

Present remotely to audiences everywhere

Emaze has unleashed a new remote presenting tool, the latest feature to be added to our comprehensive suite of services specifically designed for our Emaze for Business platform. Emaze’s remote presenting tool allows business users to make and view presentations from anywhere in the world, giving the presenter the ability to control the presentation from their computer. Read more about Emaze Remote Presenting here.

Parallax effects and bonus custom design effects

The latest trends in cutting-edge technology and design are now easier than ever to achieve with our recent additions to the Emaze editor. Now, users can add sleek parallax scrolling effects to their Emaze creations, without having to know a single line of code. Learn more about what a parallax effect is here. For more advanced users, Emaze has also added a new Custom Effects tool that allows users to create and customize any type of special effect that they can imagine!  

Dozens of new fonts added to the Emaze editor

Start off 2018 with a fresh look! Emaze has added dozens of new fonts and design features that are the perfect way to shake things up and make some exciting changes to presentations, websites, blogs and more.  

Social media widgets and resources

Website widgets for adding live social feeds, video playlists & shopping carts

Emaze has recently added many new widgets that allow users to easily embed live social feeds (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), as well as widgets that let them add YouTube playlists to their websites. Users can now also embed a PayPal Buy Now widget that lets them sell their merchandise from their Emaze website.

Upload images directly to Emaze from FB and IG

A new tool in Emaze lets users insert images into their Emaze creations directly from their Facebook and Instagram photos. Eliminating the need for users to download and re-upload their favorite images, they can now utilize this simple tool that enables them to choose from their Facebook and Instagram photos from within the Emaze editor.

Tools and features for social influencers

Social media influencers can now combine all of their social channels into one professional website where they can add an unlimited amount of media, videos, social links and more without knowing a single line of code! With custom URL capability, the Emaze advanced analytics platform, the ability to monetize their website, sell their merchandise and grow their followers from one place, building a personal brand has never been easier. Learn more here.

Ready to try out all of the latest features available in Emaze? Log in now!

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