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Emaze launches new enhanced homepage design

Table of Contents

Emaze home page just got a facelift for the new year! We’re thrilled to announce and present the website’s new look. Our homepage provides a clear message about who we are, what we stand for and our solutions. 

The BIG change!

The website boasts a clean design, intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system with improved functionalities that direct you to the most relevant information for your needs. It is also fully responsive and optimized to be mobile-friendly. The website pages are easy-to-use and navigate using a wide range of web browsers and portable devices. Emaze offers the options to read our website in different languages such as English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and more.

“During the process of designing the new homepage, I’ve thought of a strategy to bring up-to-date visual details that part of Design trends for 2020. Extraordinary geometric elements and bright colors give a new life to the design of our website. Emaze digital solutions are visibly noticed on the main page.” says Nir Livny, Emaze UI/UX designer.

Check some of the website’s new features include:

  • An exciting homepage with more interactive and contemporary layout and improved structure giving a clear overview of the company’s work and mission. Visitors are welcomed by a dynamic and energetic video. 
  • Improved navigation and content organization for a quicker browsing experience
  • A redesigned content section with trending and most used templates that our users had been using.
  • A revamped client logo portfolio section with the latest companies that Emaze worked with.
  • Updated automatic design section with a detailed explanation of how to emazify your content by uploading PowerPoint, exploring HTML5 editor, track analytics and much more.
  • Introducing a dedicated section for our Automaze – free website generator providing a quick material of the AI tool that generates websites in seconds.

Digital content in 2020 is way beyond presentations, with Emaze software you’re now able to create automatic websites, blogs and photo albums in seconds. We’re helping our users aggregate everything they love and give them the stage to show it off in a beautiful way without having to work hard or pay professionals for the design part of things. ,” explains David Edri, CEO at Emaze. “Everyone can create a presentation online so there’s no reason why they won’t be able to create their own Website or Blog too!”

David also adds “when using social media to host images and videos we’re bound by strict rules and guidelines we can’t control, but when it comes to my own site I decide what comes and goes and if I have enough traffic I get to keep all the revenue without having to share it with anyone else or in social media case get dimes on the dollar.”

Watch our fresh video and get inspired to create your own project at Emaze:

We invite you to view the new design and let us know your thoughts. Emaze website can be found at the well-known address of If you have any questions , comments or suggestions please send them our way.