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Design the Best Digital Menu

Table of Contents

Read all about how digital menu can help improve your business practices and sales. Emaze Digital Signage Solution provides you easy to play compelling visual content to market your brand at the big screen.

A digital menu is worth a thousand bites

You have probably seen these standalone digital menu boards at some quick-service restaurants where customers can view menus, place their order, and pay all on one screen. 

These technologies replace traditional signs and posters into digital. It looks more realistic and creates a better expectation of what your product looks like. In this way, it gives you the chance to capture the audience in and make them interested. Also, a digital menu provides you better control over where your customer’s eyes go. Brands can take advantage of video, animated gifs, text effects, transitions and much more. At the same time, you can entertain and educate people that are waiting in line or walking by your restaurant and/or street.

Digital menus are flexible, bright, clear, and allows you to communicate your message with your target audience when and where they need. Restaurants with the digital menu can save time with maintenance, spend less money, creates a memorable customer experience, keep your business open 24/7, and more.  

Create your professional digital menu

Selecting your menu template and design not only spread your message to customers, but it also gives your brand visual identity. You can optimize your digital menu for the best readability, through the structure, colors, fonts, and various design elements.

Here are some tips for designing the best digital menu:

  • Determine which orientation is better suited to efficiently fit your menu content (Landscape or Portrait)
  • Insert empty spaces surrounding your elements in a way that your menu doesn’t become too crowded
  • Symbolize your brand through elements (logos, fonts, color scheme, more…)
  • Create a proper visual balance and be careful with overuse images

Now that you know about digital menus, let’s understand how Emaze can help create the best digital menu that supplies your needs and matches your style.

Emaze digital menus for business

Are you wasting too much money to upgrade your digital menu? It’s been months or years since you even considered changing to your menus. Are you’re struggling to conserve customers and attract a new target? Or do you simply work too hard keeping your digital menu update? So don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! 

Emaze creates digital menu boards in order to help restaurants operators keep pace or stay ahead of their competition. Emaze maximizes every screen in your store and uses the digital space to promote your brand. We provide several features: unlimited designs, flexible tools to create and manage your screen displays, custom branding, fully responsive experience, push live content, update content to account for last-minute product and price changes for a single or multiple locations or from anywhere in the world, and more…

Create a digital menu board for your business. Check out our website or contact us at