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3 ways to Ace Your Next Business Presentation

Table of Contents

Make your next business presentation an inspiring and informative one. Don’t  rehash old data with new slides. Tell a story, and get your audience excited. Here’s how:

Don’t Forget the Bigger Picture

Many times when we’re making a business presentation, it’s really easy to almost do it on autopilot because we’re so focused on the small pieces of the pie.  If you’ve been at your job for a while, it’s really easy to get lazy about doing things like creating a business presentation, especially if it’s something you do on a regular basis. All of that is understandable. But, YOU MUST OVERCOME! Before you get started on your presentation, take a moment to think about the bigger picture. Why am I doing this? What purpose does it serve? What do I want my audience to walk away with ?  Try to think about your company on a larger scale, with a bigger vision. When you sit down to make your presentation, connect what you want to tell your audience (i.e. raw data) with that even bigger picture. Why does this matter to our company? How does it make us better? Once you do that, you’ve got an ace in the hole.

Don’t Overuse Your Tools

If you’re using PowerPoint to give your business presentation, don’t overuse it. Remember, it’s merely a tool to aid you in telling your story, in conveying your ideas; it’s not the focus of the presentation. Your message is. Your data is. What that data means to your company is. If you’re a PowerPoint addict, it’s OK; try weaning off it a little bit. See if you can use fewer slides or put less content in your slides. Shift the responsibility for your presentation off PowerPoint and onto you, the presenter. Better yet, try new tools. Try out web-based apps to create your content online, collaborate with others, and share it from any device, totally free. Give it a shot; sometimes a change of perspective is all you’ll need. Remember, the presentation isn’t about the tools used to relay the message, it’s about the message, it’s about the ideas, and you are the one that makes those things interesting and important.

Be Original…With Some Help

If, even after all this, you’re still struggling with your project, look outside the box for inspiration. There are many people whom we can look to for presentation inspiration. Steve Jobs was one of the most powerful business presenter paragons of our time. He could get up in front of a crowd and make even the most complex ideas sound simple. Check him out on YouTube, and you’ll see what I mean. Other business presentation examples include Joel Weldon, Scott Harrison (charity: water, CEO) and just about every TED talk. Watch a few of these individuals in their craft, then sit down to make yours. Inspiration is a powerful thing. Ready to add that new tool to your presentation toolbox? Great,  get started now with the emaze presentation tool.