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Add Some Tech to Your Turkey!

created by Ariella Cohen
Introducing our list of the must-have tech tools for your Thanksgiving 2016! From getting there and preparing, to enhancing the festivities and sharing the memories once the holiday is over, we’ve found exactly what you need to do it well. Celebrating Turkey Day has never been easier. read more

6 Killer Presentation Tips for Students

created by Motti Nisani

Standing in front of your classmates to deliver a presentation doesn’t have to be scary. To make an effective presentation that will amaze your classmates, you must first research the topic thoroughly and outline all your content for both your oral and written presentation. read more

Show Off Your Summer Vacation in Style!

created by Talya Ladell
School may have just started, but there is still time to brag about your summer! read more

Pitch It to Win It

created by Talya Ladell
This article was contributed by Yannick Edmond As a freelance SEM specialist, I have found increasingly diverse businesses reaching out to me.  They have run the gamut from air conditioning firms in South-Africa, to flower shops in Texas, to movie websites in France and even some medical tourism organizations in Israel. read more