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Emaze Secrets To Managing Your Project Analytics

created by Dana Giesen
Reading Time: 3 minutes

As a startup, we are proud to present our new analytics features. In today’s world, using analytics is critical to fully understand your audience performance. Sometimes we might think that well-designed projects are providing good returns, but no one can really reaffirm this until the results are shown, which is why managing your project analytics is so important

So, what’s the best way to analyze data?  read more

Ways To Make Your Design Pop!

created by Dana Giesen
Reading Time: 4 minutes
Whether you’re a teacher, student, or CEO, once you open emaze, you become a designer. In the business world, everyone you collaborate with will subconsciously judge your work based on it’s visuals. So make yours count. Choose a platform that enables you to express creatively, rather than hinders, and make your design pop.  read more

Tips To Help You Boost Your LinkedIn Presence

created by Dana Giesen
Reading Time: 3 minutesEmaze has millions of users and even more content created. To say we know that standing out is an art, would be an understatement. Keep reading to find out how to grow your business on LinkedIn and don’t miss out on our tips and tricks to help highlight your business’ best features and boost your LinkedIn presence. read more

How To Teach Creativity in 2020: An English Teacher’s Journey

created by Dana Giesen
Reading Time: 4 minutesThere are many misconceptions about creativity. For example the assumption that creativity is a trait you possess. Either you’re a creative person, or you’re not. If we think we’re “just not a creative person”, it feels like fact. That there’s nothing we can do to teach creativity, and thus might not try at all. This results in our creativity remaining buried, suppressed, and untouched. read more