emaze is an online presentation platform built on html5 technology. Users can create, manage, and share presentations through a cloud-based SaaS system. emaze offers a variety of presentation templates including formats using 3D animations and video backgrounds to make online presentations stand out.
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Emazing Hacks: Sharing Your Presentation Online

created by Motti Nisani
So, you’ve made this amazing presentation, and now you just want to make a shout out to the rest of the webosphere to ‘Check it out!!!’ Everyone knows, presentations are meant for sharing, just like how boots are made for walking. Make your website or blog more engaging by sharing your presentation. Good news – our online presentation software makes it extremely easy to do just that.  read more

Education Presentation Template That Will Make Classrooms More Fun

created by Motti Nisani
Creating a presentation should always be fun, especially when it’s for students. In case you haven’t heard, educators love Emaze presentations. Now, we have a new amazing education presentation template for teachers and students alike to learn, explore and share! It’s lively and colorful anyone can enjoy it! read more

Amazing Presentation Example: World Cup Uniforms

created by Motti Nisani
In tribute to the  2014 World Cup in Brazil, emaze made a unique, one of a kind, timeline of “The Most Unforgettable Uniforms in the History of the World Cup”.  read more

Free Online Presentation Software That Keeps Your Slides Organized

created by Motti Nisani
For some people, giving a presentation can result in a panic attack. You’ve tried to imagine the entire audience naked but, you just giggled instead. The pressure is on and all you can think about is trying not to screw up. What you need is the best free online presentation software. read more