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 The Emaze Education Plan

created by Emaze
Reading Time: 3 minutesThey say that those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. We agree. That’s why we’ve learned not just from our own past, but also listened to our users’ needs and launched the new emaze education plan, also called the EDU plan, with an LMS Academic Suit. We believe that the best way to engage your students is with new and trending modern visuals and a properly curated Learning Management System (LMS) that is easy to use from the administration level down to the student level, so that’s exactly what we’ve gone and done. read more

 The Emaze Business Plan

created by Emaze
Reading Time: 3 minutesWe wanted to give our business plan a revamp. We wanted to allow our business users a space to create, manage, and distribute content all in a single platform. To allow them to engage employees with new and trending modern visuals while tracking their progress with our advanced analytics. So we took the emaze Business plan to the next level. We created the Enterprise Suite and filled it with all the features a business needs and more. read more

Las Mejores Formas De Preparar Exámenes

created by Emaze
Reading Time: 5 minutesEl año escolar acaba de empezar, y con ello, los exámenes. Si bien no hay nada más satisfactorio que recibir la puntuación más alta en tus exámenes, cada estudiante es diferente, y la forma en que cada uno de ellos aprende, es única. Mientras que a algunos estudiantes les gusta asistir a clases, realizar tareas y escribir ensayos,  otros siguen prefiriendo hacer exámenes. Según el sistema VARK, hay diferentes estilos de aprendizajes. El modelo VARK, toma en cuenta, cuatro estilos de aprendizajes: verbales, visuales, lógicos y auditivos. Y dentro de esos grupos, algunos estudiantes estudian solos, mientras que otros necesitan grupos de estudio. read more

 The Best Ways To Prepare For Exams

created by Dana Giesen
Reading Time: 4 minutesThe school year has just begun, and with it, exams. While there is nothing more satisfying than receiving a top score on your exams, every student is different, and the way they learn is unique. While some students enjoy attending classes, others enjoy doing homework and writing essays, and others still find taking exams, dare I say it, enjoyable. According to the VARK system, there are different types of learners. Verbal, visual, logical, and auditory learners. And within those groups, some learn alone, while others need study groups. So what is the best way to prepare for exams? read more