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7 Features You Might Not Know About in Emaze

created by Ariella Cohen
Even if you’re an Emaze pro, and creating awesome presentations, websites and more is your favorite thing to do, you will want to know about these insider tips and tricks we’re sharing! Whether you are new to Emaze or you’ve been making amazing presentations and websites in Emaze forever, there is always something new to learn and some new hacks that will make things even easier! Though you can read about many of the exciting updates and new features in Emaze here, there are still plenty of other cool things you can do in Emaze to make your experience even better. We asked our team what some of their favorite lesser-known tools in Emaze are that they want to make sure our users know about. Now you can use them too! read more

Why Presentations Aren’t Going Anywhere

created by Ariella Cohen
With at least 30 million presentations being made a day, we’re here to tell you that presentations are most definitely here to stay. Whether you are choosing to use basic PowerPoint to create a presentation, or you use a cloud-based software like Emaze, the benefits of creating and giving presentations are as clear as ever. read more

What is the best website builder for beginners?

created by Ariella Cohen
If you’re someone looking to create your own website for the first time, you might experience the feeling that millions of other people have felt. I’m ready, so now what? Where do I begin? If you don’t happen to have tons of experience with design and website building, even more so. Here at Emaze, we know that feeling and that’s why we have created the easiest website builder for users at every level, but most of all, for beginners. But don’t take it from us. Here’s what you want to make sure to look for in any website builder, especially if you’re a beginner. read more

Emaze vs. Prezi vs. PowerPoint and More!

created by Ariella Cohen

Which online presentation software is really the best?

When there seem to be so many PowerPoint alternatives to choose from, it’s hard to know how to decide which one is the best one for your presentation needs. We’ve researched all of the top presentation softwares to figure out what each one is offering their users, and created a helpful chart for comparing them. Here, we’ll share the chart with you and explain the benefits of the great features you should be looking for. read more