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Tips To Help You Boost Your LinkedIn Presence

Table of Contents

Emaze has millions of users and even more content created. To say we know that standing out is an art, would be an understatement. Keep reading to find out how to grow your business on LinkedIn and don’t miss out on our tips and tricks to help highlight your business’ best features and boost your LinkedIn presence.

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1. Set Up Your Profile

Having an up-to-date profile makes a notorious difference. According to LinkedIn a great profile photo increases visibility by 21 times and produces nine times more connection requests. Use a professional photo, but don’t worry about it too much. Spend time to update at least once a month, as it is the first thing businesspersons, students, alumni, professors and recruiters see when they search your profile name.  

2. Make Your Voice Stand Out

Take time to make sure you explain and embrace your business concept. LinkedIn has a certain level of professionalism, so be responsible and share your branding tools. A good thing to do is to write a short paragraph in your biography that describes the mission and vision of your company. 

3.Engagement is Achieved by Remaining Active.

Whether you hosted an event or you closed a deal, don’t just brag about it. Share your experience and tell your audience all about it. You can also highlight what you have learned and give out some takeaways. Show interest in other users’ publications by commenting on their posts, give your opinion, congratulate them but remember to provide meaningful feedback. It’s all about giving and taking back. 

Another way to maintain involvement is by creating surveys.  When creating a publication such as an article or a business review- your ultimate goal should be that other users can participate and share their thoughts. You never know who you can inspire with your business story. Everyone has a different story to tell, share your journey. LinkedIn rewards those who post frequently, set a reminder to make sure you login and post at least once a week. 

4. Accomplish Credibility 

Trust is built and the best way to do it is through recommendations. A small opinion of a client when using your products or services can make a difference. It is great social proof as it reflects that your business has been able to meet expectations. Another benefit of recommendations is that they can help you pitch new business deals. 

5. Complete Your Business With a Professionally Designed Website

Showcase your business products and services with Emaze’s engaging websites. Giving information about your company is crucial for customers to see how and why they should use your business. With our templates, you can choose what content to advertise and in which style.

Emaze innovative technology allows all users to personalize templates and decide when and where additional effects should be added. The end goal of our websites is to make it as easy as possible for customers to understand your business, so the decision making process is more efficient. At Emaze it takes a few clicks to enhance your online presence. Our features allow you to apply the colour and style that best suits your branding. 

6. Emaze creative studio offers an animated feature allows your audience to get excited about a new coming up event. Share it or embed it on your website, a Countdown will help you maintain the excitement. Whether you’re counting down to an important game, a birthday, a special sale, a guest talk, a holiday or a  webinar – keeping your audience in the loop has never been easier with our countdown clock. 

7. The websites allow you to include forms such as questionnaires that can help you measure the engagement level of your company’s. Every time a user fills out a form, we will make sure you receive a notification email. Our user-friendly websites are easy to use, allowing everyone to style their preferences from colours, font, background colours, images, videos to transitions on the branding pop-up. 

8. Lastly, our Social Bar enables you to keep in touch with your followers from all locations. It is essential to stay connected with your audience and this feature will help you get more followers by easily adding links to all your social media accounts.