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Emaze Offers Advanced PowerPoint Themes

Table of Contents

The days when you had to go to Microsoft to get the most advanced PowerPoint themes are past. Today, you can check out our great themes as well as copy directly presentations made by other Emaze users. Check it out!

In the past, users would rely on the stock presentation theme templates within PowerPoint to build their presentations. Doing that may be fine for beginners, but more advanced and experienced PowerPoint users want to make presentations with more pizzazz, and that’s where our newest themes come in.

Here at Emaze, we’re always looking for new ways to help you wow your audience. One of those ways is to always be on the lookout for great and more advanced PowerPoint themes. You may want to look to one of our creative templates for inspiration or just take one of our advanced templates and make it your own by adding blank slides, either-way, making an impression with a great presentation theme is easy at Emaze. For those really looking for something new, we have innovative, modern themes like “City” (see below)  and “Space” which feature incredible 3D imagery, along with “Pattern,” and “Travel,” which have the crispest, most lifelike HD visual abilities you’ll see anywhere on the Internet.

For those looking for a presentation theme that features video, we’ve got you covered as well. Check out “Blooming Flowers” for a great sample of what we can do for your presentation.

Looking for something a little more traditional, but still want to keep it exciting? No problem. We have a great variety of the traditional slide format you’re used to, but they’re anything but boring. Check out “24 Hours” to see how you can make the usual slide transition interesting, and “Simple,” to get inspired about a more minimalistic approach. How about using a pan and zoom feature to keep your audience’s attention? Our “Newspaper” and “1st Grade” themes are visually stimulating and will keep your audience tuned in easily.

The themes I mentioned here are just a few; we’ve got many more to choose from, developed by today’s hottest designers, so there’s plenty to pick from. Go on, check out our hot new themes right now or have a look at sample presentations from other Emaze users in our Get-Inspired section—you won’t regret it!