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5 Foolproof Tips For An Amazing Flipped Lesson in 2020 [+Tips & Videos]

Table of Contents

Today’s technologies are shaking up the classroom, and give us great ways to engage our students with our materials.

If you are a fan of flipped lessons, then you will really understand just how much the tools you use can make or break your lessons. For the uninitiated, a flipped lesson is when you set the homework about a topic ahead of the lesson, so you can use your lesson time on activities that put what they have learned into practice, or giving them deeper understanding of the topic.

Flipped lessons can take any format you want. Most flipped lessons involve instruction of some sort, with video lectures the most popular way to take the message across. But there are many more tools available to engage your students in a flipped lesson. A presentation is a great way to organize your flipped lesson, add in the materials you want to include, and set a clear path for your students to follow.

In this post we’ll focus on how you can build your lessons as presentations that include videos, quizzes, webpages, and more to really inspire your students.

Here are our 5 top ways to engage your students in your flipped lessons:

 1. Create a clear flipped lesson plan

Before you add content to your flipped lesson, take a few minutes to decide what you want your students to do at home, and what they will do in the following class. Once you have the idea of what goes where, you can pull all the materials you want to use into a presentation that follows a clear plan.

Flipped lessons give you the opportunity to add rich media, interactive tools, quizzes, games and more into the materials you are teaching about both in the homework part of the class and back in the classroom.

Tip: Break down the video lecture into short segments that students will watch in conjunction with an activity. Shorter videos also make it easier for students to return to sections that they have found more difficult to understand without having to watch the entire lecture again.

Learn how to easily embed a video in an Emaze presentation:

Powered by emaze

2. Add interactive resources

Make your flipped lesson interactive and encourage them to discover more about the topic themselves by adding webpages, maps, and other relevant materials to the lesson plan. 

There are limitless resources out there to make your flipped lessons fun, and make learning exciting for your students. Use this opportunity to incorporate interactive learning, and also make sure that they are doing the homework by asking questions based on the information contained in these resources. You can also use these resources as a basis for an exercise in the classroom – for example a group presentation, or an exhibition of the materials they gathered in the home part of the lesson.

Tip: Your students are more likely to interact with a webpage or map that has been directly inserted into a presentation rather than a link because they can see immediately what you want them to do.

See how to insert webpages and links in an Emaze presentation:

Powered by emaze

3 – Make it visually appealing

Catch your students’ attention with a template that compliments your lesson. A template adds color, effects, and professionalism to your presentation. It makes the presentation as much a part of the lesson as the materials it contains. Show your students just how much effort you have put into creating this flipped lesson for them.

Tip: Emaze’s interactive templates help you create presentations that will wow your students. Check out our range of Education themed templates for bright, colorful designs that make learning fun. Choose an Art or Business template for a more sophisticated approach for older students.

Add an Emaze template:

Powered by emaze

4 – Ask questions about the materials you provided

You will want to make sure that your students are watching and interacting with your lessons and that they understand what they have learned. One way is to use a few minutes at the start of the classroom lesson to discuss the homework portion of the flipped lesson. Another way is to add a quiz to your flipped lesson presentation.

You could use the materials from the homework to create a group exercise in the classroom, which requires students to report back on what they learned at home to their groups, or in a joint presentation.

Tip: Add a quiz to the homework flipped lesson presentation. Play around with how you ask questions on the presentation. You can ask the questions in video format, and ask them to submit the answers directly to you. For example, add a Google Form questionnaire to your presentation which will submit their answers to you. Use the submitted quiz responses to check on your class’s progress, and understand more about what ground you may need to go over in the classroom.

Discover how to link a Google Form to your Emaze presentation:

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5 – Analyze the success of your flipped lesson

Analyze the success of your flipped lesson and see who has or hasn’t engaged with it. The analytics function on Emaze allows you to not only keep track of which students viewed the presentation, but also how many times they viewed it, and how long they spent on each slide. 

Combine this information with the results of any quiz you set, or the feedback you get from your students in class to get a powerful view of how successful your flipped lesson actually was.

Get Emaze EDU Premium for Teachers to access analytics.

Discover how to view your Emaze presentation analytics:

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How did it go? We’d love to hear about your successful flipped lessons. Tell us about it at