Jun 9 2021

Ways to Make Your Design Pop!

by Dana Giesen

Don’t worry if you are not a designer, whether you’re a teacher, a student, the leader of a company or a corporate executive, the second you open up Emaze, you become a designer. In the business world, your colleagues, classmates, and teachers will subconsciously judge your work based on your visual representation of it. Make sure your ideas are well presented, whether it’s in a website format or a presentation, choose a visual tool that will help you communicate your message effectively.  

Color is an integral element of good design, they hold a major influence, with so much emotional significance and psychology, it can be tricky to choose the right color palette when creating a design. Make sure you include some of the trendy color tones below in your next design as it will make it clean and aesthetically pleasing. 

Pro Tip: when selecting your theme color, try to consider that the tone communicates. Ask yourself the following questions: Who do they speak to, and what do they say?

This year, inspired by nature, the color trends are incredibly versatile, warm and convivial. The new york color range spring/summer 2021 is paired with newly interpreted classics and opens up an unbiased and original world of color. Van Gogh used a 12- section color wheel as it helped him describe the relationship between different colors when they were viewed together. If you are looking for a personalized solution, with our color palette settings, you will be able to change it to your preference/liking. Emaze allows you to change color palette options, click on the color box and select the colors of your choice. By selecting the + sign, you can add more colors and remove color simply click the trash can option.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Font 

The text should be written keeping the audience in mind. It is important to evaluate your written work from different perspectives and it will make you sound more persuasive. Think about how your text is perceived from different angles and you will escalate from a good presenter to the best. 

Keep in mind that even if your presentation is well rehearsed, a bad design can lead to a negative visual experience and can ruin it for the audience. At Emaze you can create custom slides, where you can adjust the page setup.

With our latest technology, you can easily customize your template and save it. Let’s say you want to use the same presentation but with a different font, background and color element, with our cloud-based software, it is easy and simple. Click here to learn how to use our custom template editor

The website’s font choice has a huge impact on how the readers perceive a brand right from their first visit to the website. It can affect user experience, interests and navigation speed. Overall, it influences your audience’s impression of you. The right choice of font can improve brand professionalism and awareness. 

Some fonts are simply clean. Although they might seem boring, classic fonts transmit professionalism and trust. At Emaze, we offer a variety of typographies that can be used for your next website or presentation. We make sure that our fonts help your message get delivered well, without distractions. If you want to go for the safest choice, go for Serif or Sans: this is one of the elementary font category classifications. Based on the Roman alphabet, Serif typefaces are characterized by a decorative stroke located at the end of the vertical and horizontal strokes of the letters. These include Times New Roman and Georgia. The Times New Roman font in particular falls under the category of classic web-safe fonts. Overall, you can’t go wrong with choosing default font types such as this one, as they are usually easy to read and have been around for a long time, so lots of internet users are used to them. Still, if you’d rather try a bolder approach, then we recommend checking out Google’s serif typefaces. 

Embed your font files.

 As a presenter, make sure your presentation’s font doesn’t change when presenting from different computers. As another computer might not have your font installed, make sure that when you click “ Save As..” you select the “Embed True Type font” option and select it. For more explanation click here.

For starters, grab your collection of free Emaze templates and use them as a base to perfect your next presentation or website. No matter your topic, any successful project depends on design tools, your consistent style and layout and the amount of text. Our state of the art HTML5 technology eliminates the need for any knowledge of coding or web design and provides a host of user-friendly tools that enable the addition of live social media feeds, photo and video content, web pages, shopping and more. Users can utilize our innovative features that include 2D and 3D slides, pan and zoom transitions, animation, sound effects and analytics tools.

With an all-inclusive platform that features hundreds of professionally designed templates for every style and occasion, users can create, share and analyze their content from a single location. Emaze empowers the everyday creator to be simply…emazing!