Nov 24 2014

How Emaze Presentations Help Boost Website Traffic and Engagement

by Motti Nisani
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We already know that emaze is great for making your content more visually appealing. Our templates help you tell your stories and share all kinds of media. But it doesn’t end there. There are more reasons for embedding an emaze presentation into your website!

Here are some great examples:

1) Rich-media content like emaze presentations are great for your website’s SEO

emaze presentation boost website traffic and engagement

When you make the effort to include rich-media content (eg. emaze presentation, original images) that is relevant to your topic in your blog or website, you send a signal to search engines that your pages are engaging and worth a read. This helps you to rank well in Google and brings in more traffic for your website.


2) Organizing data driven information into an emaze presentation makes it professional and easy on the eyes

Perhaps your business requires you to share content-heavy insights with your readers. You would not want to overwhelm them by presenting all that in a single page. This trading company has beautifully compiled their analysis and business offering into an emaze presentation that is organized and easy to read. It is almost akin to flipping a professional report in your hands.

3) emaze presentations are the best alternative to professionally-made videos

emaze presentation boost website traffic and engagement

A video on your landing page is always a good idea to grab your visitor’s attention and keep them engaged. When you embed an emaze presentation, you can select the ‘auto-play’ function so that the presentation starts playing automatically when readers arrive in your landing page. No need to spend excessive time and money on producing a video or commercial. Just as emazing.

Give your landing page a boost by using presentations in fresh and exciting ways. If you want an easy way to get started, emaze offers free online templates to suit all kinds of themes.