Jun 23 2014
31 Voice control slide transitions allow you to be hands free

Voice Control Slide Transitions Allow You To Be Hands Free

by Motti Nisani
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Need your hands free while you’re giving a presentation?  We’ve got your back with our voice control slide transitions!  In player mode, you can control your presentation with voice commands to play, stop and go forwards or backwards.

Be hands free with voice control slide transitions!

So you have a big conference to attend and you’re the keynote speaker.  The auditorium is at full house, and the pressure is on to leave a great impression.

The last thing you want to worry about is fumbling through your presentation. Grabbing your mouse or remote to move onto the next slide can be a huge distraction. Wouldn’t it be nice to free up your hands? Our free online presentation software allows you to do just that.

Our presentation editor is inbuilt with a voice command control function that allows you to activate slides by speaking “play, stop, next and back”. When creating your presentation in editor, activate this function by clicking on the ‘microphone’ icon located on the player bar. You will have to grant permission for your browser to access the microphone when doing this for the first time.

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