May 21 2014
emazes incredible powerpoint animation capabilities

Emaze’s Incredible PowerPoint Animation Capabilities

by Motti Nisani
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Emaze’s new animation capabilities surpass any Microsoft PowerPoint animation features. And one more thing, emaze is free!

PowerPoint animations vs emaze

PowerPoint animations are very basic. A clip art type of image with jerky or slow movements is usually the norm. Today, however, things have changed. Emaze’s internet-based presentation platform is the most advanced tool available to create animated presentations. With emaze, implementing animated backgrounds (like the PowerPoint backgrounds you were used to) into a presentation is simple, and anyone can integrate 3D effects, video, sound, and much more into their presentations now. When compared to PowerPoint’s limited capabilities, there’s really no question which one is more effective. Emaze is the tool for presentation creation.

In the past, creating animated presentations required specific, complicated code that only the most cutting-edge developers were able to pull off. With the most advanced technology available, emaze took those powerful tools and simplified them, making it possible for even the most beginner presentation-makers to create cool animations for PowerPoint. Because emaze supports HTML5 and CSS, it allows users to embed animated images into their slides, creating endless animated possibilities. To help users get the idea of animation in slides, or to inspire, emaze has a wide selection of animated PowerPoint templates and animated PowerPoint backgrounds to help users get started. Whether you use one of ours or one of yours, animations are so much better with Emaze!

When making animations for PowerPoint with the PPT software, it can be very difficult to incorporate sound effects and background music. Emaze has simplified the process of integrating audio into presentations, so now it really is as easy as clicking a button to insert a specific sound effect at a specific time or place in a presentation, or to incorporate background music for some or all of a presentation. It’s so simple, beginners can do it on the first try.

Consider integrating a PowerPoint like animation into your next slide presentation for work or school. Using one of our animated templates will get you started on the right foot. Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s really simple to start creating your very own animated presentation slides with emaze. Read more about PowerPoint designs are get started immediately with a free emaze account.