Jan 12 2014

The Best Online PowerPoint Tip You Can Get

by Motti Nisani
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Working on a project as a team is really nothing new in today’s business world. We’re used to collaborating online PowerPoint presentations, so much so we can do it in our sleep. Here is one awesome tip for an old practice. I’ll even give it to you right off in the beginning. Here it is: Don’t use PowerPoint! I know what you’re thinking. “I thought I was going to read an article about online PowerPoint collaboration! What the heck!” But hear me out. While PowerPoint might be the traditional industry standard, we’ve got a great new app that allows our users to create incredible presentations entirely online.

While it is new, we’re gaining new users and new presentations every day, like a snowball rolling downhill. Imagine creating your next presentation online; save it, share it, and access it—EVERYONE, at any time, from any place, and on any device, all with the cloud. Sounds pretty convenient, huh? I thought so. We let everyone collaborate on the same document at the same time, sharing access to the project for everyone, allowing everyone to edit the PowerPoint online in front of everyone’s eyes. Very cool. Using it in conjunction with videoconferencing programs like Skype makes meeting in the same room at the same time virtually a thing of the past. This kind of online PowerPoint collaboration opens new doors many industries never even imagined before.

Gone are the days of bulky, expensive, software installations on each computer and device to make sure everyone has the right programs to do what needs to get done, and inevitably someone is left out because he’s got the wrong device. What a hassle. Instead, one login lets everyone access the team’s online PowerPoint work, only it’s not PowerPoint. But in the end, does it matter that it’s not Microsoft’s PowerPoint online that you’re using? Didn’t think so. Sweet! Start now and try the emaze presentation tool for free!