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5 Golden Rules on How to Pitch an Idea

created by Natalie Coslovsky

Be confident in giving a pitch with these 5 Golden Rules! Follow the rules, and get investors on board.
read more


How to Improve your Presentation Skills

created by Natalie Coslovsky

Do you wish to improve your presentation skills. Whether you’re applying for a new position, or you’re looking to move up in the reigns in your current company nearly every professional position requires some type of representation skills. read more


Presentation that won’t put People to Sleep

created by Natalie Coslovsky

We’ve all been there, sitting in the boardroom listening to a colleague present and all of a sudden you feel yourself nodding off into the distance. All of a sudden you’re awoken from your day read more

present like jobs

Present like Steve Jobs…Only Better

created by Natalie Coslovsky

When you think of legendary presenters very few names come to mind. Steve Jobs is definitely one of them. In fact there are people out there devoted to analyzing his every speech, reviewing video after video, trying to get his presentation skills down to a science. read more