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artificial intelligence by emaze

13 facts that make you Re-think the World Around You

created by Keunhee Youk

Have you ever read a simple sentence in a book, or an article that really made you think? In all of the content we’re reading these days it takes a super special statement to make us stop and really think. These are the statements I’ve found recently that have really made me stop and think ‘woah’ this world we’re living in is pretty awesome! read more


Pick Up Lines Guys Should Never Ever Use!

created by Keunhee Youk

We all know ‘that guy’ whether he’s hit on you at the bar, we all know that one guy who loves to use these corny and insensible pickup lines to get his way with a girl. While we’ve become accustomed to associating sleezy lines with men, this isn’t necessarily the case anymore. read more

Cómo presentar datos con eficacia.

How to Present Data Effectively

created by Keunhee Youk

Business presentations or presenting your empirical findings requires a unique type of presentation style. While many big companies also spend megabucks, time, and effort into the research and development, extremely crucial presentation is often left in dire need of more focus and attention. read more

boring superbowl explained by emaze

10 things people who don’t like football think during the Super Bowl

created by Keunhee Youk

Now that Super Bowl XLIX (yes, that’s Football talk for Super Bowl 2015) is done. While some of you can relate, many of you will still be totally appalled by what was going through my head and thousands of others during your most holy day of the year. read more