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With over 50% adblock installed and the rise of walled garden social media, the digital advertising landscape has changed dramatically. Consumers no longer pay attention to traditional advertisements, like banners and digital advertising.

But when they see a new product being recommended on the social media profile of someone who they admire? Suddenly, they’re paying attention.

Expand your advertising strategy

Choose from thousands of social influencers on Emaze and find the ones who have the target audience your brand is after.

expand your advertising strategy

Make your budget do more

You control where and how your valuable budget is being spent. Choose from a variety of ad campaigns available to be posted by thousands of Micro-influencers, Macro-influencers or hand-picked Mega-influencers that are matched with your brand.

make your budget do more

Customize your campaigns

Create a campaign that fits your needs. Do a banner ad directly on an influencer’s site, do a sponsorship, theme takeover, launch a new product, sponsor a branded newsletter, retarget and redirect followers to your website and more.

customize your campaigns

Build Lasting Partnerships

Work on individual projects and campaigns with a variety of social media influencers, and forge direct partnerships with your brand’s favorite influencers to continue working with over time.

build lasting partnerships

Curate Your Content

Guarantee that influencers will convey your advertisement message in exactly the way you want. Hand-craft your messages and the way they will be shared together with influencers, so that your brand’s image will always stay safe.

curate your content


Advertise on Influencer Websites
Launch New Products
Run branded theme takeovers and have thousands of ambassadors represent your brand on social media
Stream Live Videos
Get your live footage broadcasted on thousands of influencer websites simultaneously
Show Your Updates
Share your brand’s latest news with real-time update bars on all your brand theme adopters
Insert An Iframe
Add your brand’s website or landing page as a live iframe into an influencer’s page as an official sponsor
Post A Banner
Promote your brand with all types of displays and video banners using high level targeting
Sell & Track
Add affiliate links and direct merchandise stores directly to influencers’ websites with your target audience
Run Influencer Campaigns
Customize Posts
Develop curated social media campaigns with micro, macro & mega influencers that fit your budget
Reach Prospects
Complete your campaign with in app messaging and text messages to influencers’ followers
Retarget Followers
Add pixels and retarget influencers’ followers on all social media, exchanges and RTB’s
Increase Brand Awareness
Get more people to follow your brand, and like and share your content
Build Custom Forms
Collect follower data with forms customized to your brand’s needs
Send Newsletters
Reach out to influencers’ followers with sponsored email newsletters with the right call to action

* Influencers’ consent is required for all advertisement channels above