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It’s Time to Move on: Create amazing content

created by Motti Nisani
Although I’m not always full of confidence when presenting my ideas in front of crowd, I remember that since I was 10 I truly loved the feeling of standing in front of the class after working very hard on my presentation. I was very excited to share my ideas with anyone who ever wanted to listen. One thing I most remember is that it was back in the 90’s when PowerPoint was the “hottest software in town”. read more

How to Boost Your Creativity

created by Motti Nisani

First, it should be noted that ‘creativity’ is not a lot restricted to artists, authors and writers. It is an ability of thought which leads man to produce a valuable and original idea.

read more

It’s All About the Presentation Humor

created by Motti Nisani
I bet you know that feeling. Cold sweat, shaky legs, heart pounding and accelerating quickly, as if you just finished running the longest marathon in the world. The elevator rises another floor… you are hoping to feel the same way when you take it back down to the lobby, after the applause from the audience, of course.  read more

Get Your Emaze Presentation Featured on Our Blog!

created by Motti Nisani
Want to create an Emaze presentation that gets featured on our blog? Join the October Challenge! read more