Jul 29 2015


by Shai Schwartz
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Deemed the sexiest tool of the Internet industry, analytics are by far the hunkiest breakthrough of the dot com era. Tapping into our psyche, they answer our clandestine wish to know who’s watching us. Bursting open the black box otherwise known as “user behaviors”, analytics tools have revolutionized the way we present ourselves, connect with our viewers, the way we strategize go-to-market plans and maneuver around competition.

emaze’s NEW Audience Insights feature harnesses every bit of user data, putting it in your hands to make the most out of your presentation. With the click of a button, Audience Insights will

1. provide concise answers about what works and what doesn’t

2. identify high points and mark out weak ones

3. satisfy your curiosity about who’s watching you and how


With Better Tools Come Better Outcomes




“emaze let it sink in gradually and with little fanfare. Tucked away on the sidebar of my presentation I stumbled upon this tool and boy was it a lucky stumble! I was literally cruising around a slide I was making, racking my brain what would make it ‘pop’ when it hit me – why was I playing the guessing game??” explains Nati, a premium user. “I finally settled on the ad copy and published my preso. The result is a a tale of numbers and charts. Users Insights gave me a clear indication of what I was doing right and where I needed to go back to the drawing board”.

** AUDIENCE INSIGHTS is conveniently located as a button on the right-hand ruler of each presentation. To access this tool, simply go to any presentation in your MY folder.