Sep 10 2014

Your smile will get you a free EDU account

by Motti Nisani
Reading Time: < 1 minute

School’s officially back in session! emaze is kicking off the new school year with a chance to get a free EDU account for people with smiles!

Rules: Post a picture of yourself using emaze in the classroom (your presentation must be visible). The more people in the photo, the better! Also, add the hashtag #emaze4edu and we’ll gift you with a FREE edu account! Tweet your photos to @emaze_tweets or post them on Facebook to redeem your gift.

Conditions: You must follow us on Twitter for us to be able to send you a Direct Message with a code to redeem the offer. Your picture must contain an emaze presentation. Multiple submissions may be made but only ONE free EDU account will be granted to registered emaze users.


emaze presentation software free with smile