May 1 2014
13 displays of modern day photography

13 Displays of Modern Day Photography

by Motti Nisani
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Can you remember the last time you used a camera? How about your last selfie (5 min ago)? Times are changing and well, we’re getting kind of weird. Learn more in this presentation created using Emaze.

Capturing photos in all their beauty and natural state is in the past. Today we live in a world of deleting and re-capturing (or pretending to capture) every moment over again, and again.

Take a look at 13 Displays of Modern Day Photography and see how much we truly have changed:

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    1. Because everyone is posting photos on social sites, they’re  more self-aware and take less awkward photos.
    2. Kids of today know how to pose for the camera (and delete unflattering photos) at an early age. 
    3. Red-eye is obsolete. Apparently, we’re not werewolves after all.
    4. Everyone makes the same pose…in every single picture they take.
    5. No one is buying cameras anymore. 90% of the population takes photos using smartphones.
    6. Paparazzi is dead and celebrity selfie is in!
    7. You know how you can tell someone has a nude photo? By the reaction on their face when you talk about it. Everyone has one.
    8. Instagram takes 5 pounds off us! How about them apples?
    9. Everyone loves to look at their friend’s photos but when it comes to their own…DELETE!
    10. If you have other people in the background of photos, it’s likely that you are in the picture they took … If only there was a “Find yourself in other’s photo application”. 
    11. Puppies and kitties will forever win our hearts as the number one most beloved photo.
    12. To this day, Princess Diana was the most photographed person in history and this is also what tragically killed her.
    13. Our most viral photo to date on Facebook? Barack Obama. See the shortlist here.