4 Ways To Use Technology in 2020 To Improve Your Teaching

It’s no secret that most teachers want to use technology in their classrooms. But are they doing it effectively? Here are 4 easy and fun strategies to try!

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The Best FREE PPT Templates in 2020: Choose The Best For You

Emaze now showcases tons of free PowerPoint template choices, in fact even much more advanced than anything PowerPoint has ever developed. Plus, Emaze presentations are accessible online and easily downloadable. Continue reading The Best FREE PPT Templates in 2020: Choose The Best For You

The Best FREE PowerPoint Program in 2020

With remote teaching becoming an everyday reality for many during this COVID-19 pandemic, teachers are increasingly assigning presentations for major grades.  But a free PowerPoint program is a fairy tale, and buying the program on a student’s income is not very realistic, even when the economy is not in one of the worst depressions since, well, the great depression. So, what is a student supposed to do?

Easy – ditch the conglomerate that is known as Microsoft, for a free alternative.  Instead of insisting on looking for a free powerpoint download, how about broadening your horizon to other presentation possibilities – specifically ones that are not only free, but would also allow you to create beter, more visually interactive presentations?

Today’s student is tech and internet-savvy; you have probably already, or are currently, taking an online class, use technology in the classroom, and are looking for an easy answer to your presentation software problem. The easy answer is a web-based presentation app. Think beyond PowerPoint!

Several of these web-based apps are free, which is totally cool for students. The very best of them, like Emaze, let you create your own free presentation, using one of their many templates and designs, or create your own from scratch, right on the website. You can save it to the cloud while you’re working on it, and access it on any mobile device from anywhere, at any time, too. So, if you’re at the coffee shop with your tablet and a few extra minutes, all you have to do is login, and all of your work is automatically there. No PowerPoint for free? No problem. If you’re at the school’s computer lab, it works exactly the same. Riding in a long car ride with your phone? You got it; finish up your free PowerPoint creation easily. And when it comes time to present it in front of the class, you don’t have to download your work onto anything to move it; you just login to the site, and you’re ready to present. No PowerPoint for free? No problem. Nothing’s easier than the cloud; really. With an app like Emaze, you can handle any presentation your Prof throws at you.

Once you’ve tried the Emaze app, you’ll never go back to the clunky, ball and chain of Microsoft’s program. In fact, you’ll wonder why you’ve been wasting all that time wishing for a free power point download. Get started now—for free!

3 Experts’ Tips For Making A Killer Presentation in 2020

A great presentation is made up of both engaging content and beautiful presentation design. It’s not that difficult! These emazing examples accompanied with tips will show you how it’s done.

1) Prepare your content well and mold it to perfection


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  • Understand your audience’s interest and their purpose in listening to your presentation
  • Come up with one simple core message that will leave an impression on them
  • Use numbers in your headings like “3 Types of Presentation Techniques” to help people remember better
  • Include stories or give facts and numbers to back up your point and to inspire your audience


2) Develop an appropriate presentation design that helps you to convey your core message


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  • For example, use a finance theme template for presenting a guide to earning money
  • Use shapes or diagrams rather than bullet points
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new like 3D transitions to make your audience go ‘wow’
  • Include more pictures relevant to your point and use less text


3) Organize your content into slides that flow naturally


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  • Good presentations are well-paced and well-planned
  • Do not distract your audience with overloaded slides
  • Include quotes in big fonts to give your audience a break from the same layout and to create more impact
  • Animate pictures and objects instead of overusing text


You can have great content. But, developing a good design is always hard and will take you time and effort. If that’s the case, you can always turn to presentation templates.

great presentation templates


Be careful not to bore your audience with default PowerPoint templates. Those are sure to make you lose them right from the start!!! Instead, you can check out the free designer templates from emaze if designing is just not your thing.


7 Features You Might Not Know About in Emaze

Even if you’re an Emaze pro, and creating awesome presentations, websites and more is your favorite thing to do, you will want to know about these insider tips and tricks we’re sharing!

Whether you are new to Emaze or you’ve been making amazing presentations and websites in Emaze forever, there is always something new to learn and some new hacks that will make things even easier! Though you can read about many of the exciting updates and new features in Emaze here, there are still plenty of other cool things you can do in Emaze to make your experience even better. We asked our team what some of their favorite lesser-known tools in Emaze are that they want to make sure our users know about. Now you can use them too!

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The 5 Top Website Design Trends to Expect in 2018

Doesn’t it seem like every time you look up, there is a new latest trend to watch? The world of style and design moves quickly, and in particular, the ever-evolving and highly innovative space of website design. This should come as no surprise- a good majority of us spend a very large part of our days looking at websites, whether it is for professional or personal use. So, when people are spending so much of their time looking at websites, you want to make sure that yours is the one with the UX/UI design that will make a memorable impression. 

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Emaze Launches Remote Presenting Tool For Businesses

Emaze is excited to announce the launch of Emaze Remote Presenting, the latest feature to be added to our comprehensive suite of services specifically designed for our Emaze for Business platform. Continue reading Emaze Launches Remote Presenting Tool For Businesses

11 Emaze Presentation Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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